Please Help: Prominent man of God prophesied to me that my mother-in-law is a witch!


Dear Aunty Lisa

My problem goes like so, I got married to the love of my life Tom in 2015. When we got married Tom was staying in his parents’ house in Harare because he was a mama’s boy. After two years of marriage, we were not able to get a child.

During that time we visited every hospital, every specialist, we ran every kind of tests to know what was the matter but found none. Doctors kept saying that we were in perfect health and we should wait a little longer. We shifted to our own house in Bulawayo and we gave ourselves to God and started to go to church.

A respected man of God prophesied to me and told me that Tom’s mom hated me and she had bewitched my womb to never give birth.

It made sense because she was always shouting on me and telling Tom that if I was unable to give her a grandchild, I should go away and let Tom remarry. The man of God prayed for me and sure enough, after 5 months I was preg_nant. I gave birth to a handsome baby boy. Tom was very happy that he called his mum and told her the good news. Now its been a month since he called her and I havent slept.

My baby has been in and out of the hospital sick. Now its a rare skin disease, boils in every part of my baby’s skin, bleeding cracks on his face and lips. This baby means everything to me and I dont want to loose him. I have been praying and fasting and I believe through prayers I will win this battle. Please Aunty and this column’s readers help me pray for my baby’s life.

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