PLEASE HELP: My boyfriend ditched me after I refused to have se_x with him


Hie Aunty Lisa

I need your advice. I have two men in my life right now.

The first one is a medical doctor in Bulawayo. According to him, he is 37 years old (10 yes older than me) but I still don’t believe him cos he looks much older than his assumed age. He looks 40ish. And he is sort of secretive. He doesn’t like talking about himself. We started dating last year before I lost my dad.

Things have been going well but the problem is that he has been pestering me for se_x. But I’m not ready to have se_x with him because I’m not attracted to him. I went to his apartment as usual last week Sunday and he tried to initiate se_x but I refused and told him I wasn’t ready for it. He got angry and drove me to the rank where I boarded a kombi to my house. Since then he hasn’t called or spoken to me.

I’m worried right now. I feel like he will leave me after he succeeds in having se_x with me. That’s why I refused him se_x.

Please note, I’m not a goldigger and I’m not the type that demand money from guys. He gets angry whenever he offers me money and I refuse.

I am also dating a second guy who is abroad. He lives in South Africa. I got his number through his sister who is a friend of mine. We have been chatting for 3 months now and he seems like a nice guy. He said he will come back to Zimbabwe during the Easter holidays.

I’m confused right now. I don’t know whether to forget about the doctor and focus on the diaspora guy or should I beg the doc and allow him have se_x with me.
I have not had any relationship for a maximum of 2 years because the guys I meet always want se_x from me even I try not to demand anything from them. I have got a curvaceous body.

I need advice aunty before I do something that I will live to regret.

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