I caught my boyfriend red-handed moaning in pleasure enjoying quality se_x with a pr0stitute. Help!


Hi Aunty Lisa

This is my first time to write to you aunty. I am dating a guy whose love for me has successfully built up my confidence in him. We have been dating for over a year and just recently he proposed to me which I accepted because I never expected his marriage proposal to come so soon.

Fast forward, last weekend I came to visit him. On entering his sitting room I met a beautiful lady in her late 30s. My guy introduced her to me as his niece which she as well confirmed. Just early this morning at about 1am I woke up to relieve myself only to discover that that my guy was not in bed with me. I tiptoed to the spare bedroom door and I head voices.

My guy’s so called niece was moaning heavily. I head my guy crying – mai kani ooooh yeahh ooh yeee…. I tried opening the door, it opened, loo and behold my man was aggressively bonking this lady like there was no tomorrow. He did not stop until he ejacu_lated inside her. That was when they both realised there was a third party watching them. My man has been pleading telling me it was the devil who pushed him into sleeping with this girl.

I have discovered that the lady is actually a pr0stitute from Harare’s Avenues area. Right now I don’t want to continue with him anymore. Few hours ago his mother called and begged me not to leave her son. I asked if her son told her what he did? She said he did not. But as things stand now, am pulling out of the relationship until he confesses to the world what he did and why he did it.

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