PLEASE HELP: My husband is going around telling everyone that I gave him AIDS


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 30-year-old mother of three. I was married for the past nine years to a man whom I thought was a gentleman until the beating started at about the sixth year of marriage.

While I was at home being a good wife and a good mother, my husband was out frolicking with younger girls. This was becoming unbearable for me and then I started to feel sick.

I visited my doctor who informed me that I was three months preg_nant with what was supposed to be my fourth child. I was advised to do an HIV test. At first I was not worried, but then the result came and I found out that I am HIV positive.

When I told my husband about the preg_nancy and the HIV results he accused me of cheating and infecting him with the HIV virus. An argument ensued and he hit me and I fell down the stairs causing me to lose my unborn child.

Now he is going around telling everyone that I gave him AIDS. He even went as far as to throw me and the kids out of our matrimonial home saying that he has to do a DNA test before he claims them as his because I’ve been a cheater and a liar.

Aunty, I’m now staying with my mother who is very sceptical because she does not know what to believe. I’ve been a faithful wife and I don’t know what to do. I feel like killing myself because I can’t take the shame and scandal anymore.

Please, tell me what to do.

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