‘I want to end my relationship with my man & start dating his best friend who drives a Range Rover’


Hie Aunty Lisa

I have been with my boyfriend for two and half years and our relationship has been on and off. I never truly felt attracted to him, though he is a pretty nice guy. Recently my boyfriend introduced me to his friend Tinashe and ever since I met him, I have been attracted to him.

Tinashe is very handsome, attractive, has a great personality and a good sense of humour. He drives a Range Rover Evoque. So far our relationship has been platonic, but both of us are attracted to each other though we haven’t openly talked about it.

I want to end my relationship with my boyfriend and start dating Tinashe. However doing so would make things extremely difficult not only for all the three of us, but also our common group of friends. I fear being labeled as the cheater even though I have not had a physical relationship with Tinashe. My boyfriend is also going to be hurt and disappointed when I tell him I want to break up.

I talked to my close friend and she said that I have already emotionally cheated on my boyfriend and that my relationship with Tinashe is just an excuse to end the current relationship I have with my boyfriend. She told me straight that the right approach should be to work on my relationship with my boyfriend and address the problems we have been having than shifting my energy and interest towards Tinashe.

Now I am confused. I am not sure I agree with my friend but her talk deeply upset me. I felt that she was accusing me of taking the easy route. I don’t think I did that. All I know at this point is that I am attracted to Tinashe and I am falling for him and I find it very difficult to stay in a relationship with my current boyfriend.

What should I do?

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