PLEASE HELP: I’m dating a rich man with an extremely small manhood, I’m in a big dilemma


Dear Aunty Lisa

After a series of unsuitable boyfriends, I met a wonderful loving man. We have been together for about a year now. He’s everything I like in a man. He is smart, rich, funny, athletic, sweet and has good social skills. But, as you can read in the title, his manhood is small. Like really small. Of course I haven’t measured it, but to me it seems like a micropeni_s.

We have penetrative se_x, but it is so small that I feel nothing and I fear that, if he’s to be my life partner, I may never again enjoy se_x.

I only had a few se_x partners before him, and looking back they were all well-endowed. Or at least average sized. I never realised how it would be to have se_x with someone that is less fortunate. This man has an extremely small peni_s. He can get an erecti0n and we are able to have se_x, but I often feel little to nothing.

The first time we had se_x, I felt extremely sad because he really tried to make it a special first time, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. The setting was really r0mantic and everything seemed perfect for our first time together. On top of it he whispered “you make me so hard” and I didn’t even realise it was fully erect yet. I faked my pleasure out of pity.

After this first time I told myself to man up. So I had se_x with him on a regular basis, only to find out that it bothered me more and more. What should I do?

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