PLEASE HELP: My mother-in-law doesn’t like me, I overheard her talking about me on the phone


Dear Aunty Lisa

My husband and I have been together since 2018. But it seems like his mom has had an issue with me since day one.

The first thing I really ever noticed was maybe my second time ever interacting with her I had a bit of a cold. Nothing serious. But she walked all around me spraying something everywhere telling my husband “I better not get sick.” It just kind of seemed like off behavior to me, I suppose.

It escalated quite a bit within a couple of weeks. She would text my husband (who was 26 at the time) complaining about how he was never home. We were staying at a friend’s house because his parents never allowed us to spend the night together, which I do understand. She would text him multiple times a day asking where he was and if he’d forgotten where he lived.

Fast forward to about three months later. We saved up a little money and decided to find a place to rent. When we did, his mom just exploded. Telling him, “Fuck her! I don’t give a fuck just like you!” Amongst other similar things. I was really confused because I’d never done anything to hurt her. My husband ended up ignoring it and I did too.

I was in a relationship before my husband and I have a 5 year old son. She would text my husband about how I’m a useless bit_ch because I won’t go after him for child support (He does support his son and I don’t see it necessary so we do shared parenting). I continued to ignore it. A few months later, I found out I was preg_nant. Surprisingly, she wasn’t all that bad through my preg_nancy. I really have no complaints. During my preg_nancy, we found out my husband had cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma). I did my best to care for him. I worked tons of overtime at work so we could afford our place, but it wasn’t enough.

When my son was born, I couldn’t work and neither could my husband. So he suggested moving back in with his parents for a little while. I was kind of unsure about it, but I felt like we didn’t have much of a choice, so I went. The first month or so there was okay. But after that, my husband and his mom got in an argument because she made the baby cry. In that argument, my mum in law told my husband to shut the fuck up and he said the same to her. I was just kinda standing there.

She ended up ignoring me and my kids for about 3 months. For nothing. I could hear her talking on the phone about me when I was in the bathroom or our bedroom saying, “I want them out of here.” And calling me various names. Never to me directly though. I spent my whole day till my husband got home locked in my bedroom with my kids trying not to get in the way.

One night, her and my husband got into a fight about it. Like a screaming match. I finally stepped in asking what I ever did to her. She exploded. Telling me that I was ignoring her. Telling me that she would beat my ass. I told her I would literally just call the police because I’m not going to fight a 68 year old woman. I’m 24. She blew up about how she’s been to jail before and doesn’t care. Calling me a wet behind the ears cunt. It went on for a week or so and then one day she just acted like nothing happened. Like everything was fine. In November, my husband and I decided that we were well off enough to find our own place again. And at the end of April we moved out of his mom’s.

It was fine up until February. Our refrigerator took a shit and my brother in law had one in his mom’s garage that he said we could use. As my husband and I were putting the new fridge in, his mom was blowing up his phone calling. He answered and explained that he was busy. She was screaming because she had used paint rollers in the fridge we took so my husband took them out and put them in her deep freezer thinking that was the most logical thing he could do. She was freaking out about how now she can’t use the paint rollers because they’d been frozen. My husband hung up because she was flipping.

So then, she texts him. Saying “So are you going to put the old fridge on the other wall or did the controlling princess tell you not to.” Referring to me. She kept texting calling me a “dog toothed wh0re” (my teeth are a bit crooked), telling my husband that I’m cheating on him while he’s at work, and again saying that I’m a useless piece of shit because I won’t go after my ex for child support. They argued that whole night and finally he just dropped it. She got on facebook telling me I’m a fat cunt, and asked me why I’m still breathing. I blocked her on facebook, blocked her number, and went to the police station. I haven’t heard from her since.

My mother in law’s brother also got on facebook to call me names and threaten to call my mother’s job to try and get her fired? I blocked him on everything too.

Just the other day, my brother in law texted my husband telling him that I’m a narcissist and how we need to just forgive his mom because “that’s just the way she is.” I blocked him on everything also.

Sorry for the long post. I’m just worried about whether or not I’m doing the right thing? I just feel like I shouldn’t have to be treated that way and I’m sick of stressing about it! Thanks for reading!

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