PLEASE HELP: I CAN’T stop mastur_bating!


Dear Aunty Lisa

Alright, I’ve been a believer for about two years now. Most of my previous sinful habits have been left at the foot of the cross (Stealing, swearing, etc).

The one thing I can’t seem to overcome, however, is mastur_bation. I’ve begged God to take away my lustful urges, still they remain.

I’m completely undisciplined when it comes to mastur_bation. I do it daily before I sleep. Sometimes I do three or four rounds. Soon after releasing sper_ms, I make a vow to turn away from that habit but I always end up succumbing to it. I’m at a loss and I’m constantly feeling intense guilt. I’m 30 and don’t have a girlfriend. How do I stop mastur_bating? I seriously need help.

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