I found another man’s boxer short under our bed. Should I install a hidden camera in our bedroom?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I just found men’s underwear under my side of the bed. I’d like advice on what to do.

This weekend, I was searching for a pair of old sneakers and they were shoved way under our bed on my side. I have no clue how long they’ve been there, I usually just push my older shoes under the bed skirt, and I guess i pushed the underwear under the bed. They are the same size as mine (men’s L), but they are NOT mine.

Should I confront my wife, upon which she can give be a plausible excuse (however, I can think of very very few legitimate reasons for another man’s underwear to be under our bed), or she can deny it and will probably be more careful in the future if she’s up to something, or if she admits it, who knows what will happen to our marriage, I guess I will cross that bridge at that time.

Or, should I install a hidden cam in our bedroom? I have the technology, I would just have to get a cam and I can hook it to my computer and record it, my wife would never find out, she’s technologically illiterate.

Then if nothing happens for a while, I can just chalk it up to who knows what, of if I do catch and record her in the act of cheating, then I’m on solid ground with proof versus questioning her and getting who knows what for answers.

What do you think? Could this really be some stupid innocent thing, or should I spy on our bedroom to see what’s happening.


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