‘I want to dump my old tailor boyfriend who sent me to school, he is not my type’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am writing for your advice. I became involved with an old tailor while I was in high school. He was accepted by my mother and others in my family. Money was not his problem. He took care of me, loved me and sent me to school. He also took care of members of my family. He paid all the bills for our home and for my parent’s home.

My brothers and sisters didn’t have to suffer again, because he took care of them also. From high school, I went to university, and I did well. There is nothing I want that this tailor has not given to me.

But, Aunty, I don’t genuinely love this tailor. This tailor would love to marry me, but I cannot marry him. I would like to have a younger tailor as my husband. I know that lots of people would say that this tailor is too old for me and that I should marry someone who is younger.

He is a good tailor, but I don’t want to marry him. What would people say if we should get married? They would think that I am too young for him. He’s not my type. I want to marry a young man who wears trendy labels like Giuseppe Zanotti, Philipp Plein, Jon Buscemi, Versace etc.

Aunty, how do you feel about this relationship? Do you feel that I have used this tailor and I now want to go my way? Am I ungrateful? I would love to hear from you.

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