HELP: I found a pack of cond0ms in my wife’s handbag, I noticed that 2 were missing from the pack


Hie Aunty Lisa

I am sending this mail with my eyes full of tears 😢 as I don’t really know what to do again.

I’m married with one son. My kid and wife are the only things that make me happy. I’m a civil servant and I earn just ZW$4k monthly and my wife earns more money than me.

So yesterday, I got back home from work, walked into our bedroom but didn’t see her. I called her name loudly and she answered from the toilet and I told her it was me so she wouldn’t get worried thinking it was a stranger that entered the house.

I sat on the bed, saw her handbag looking so full, I playfully dragged it closer to myself, I opened it but what I saw almost paralysed me 😥😥😥

I saw a bundle of new US$20 notes (about US$200 in total I guessed), I dropped the cash and continue searching her bag only to see a pack of cond0ms with 3 cond0ms missing.

I was deflated and sat down like a defeated man. When she came out of the toilet and saw me with the cond0ms, she just stood there and stared at me.

I knew she was cooking up a nice tale to give me but I did not give her the chance. I stood up and left the house and drove to a friend’s place where I stayed till very late before going back home.

She tried to bring up the issue but I told her I was not in a mood to discuss it and in the morning, I took our kid to my mom though I did not tell her or anyone what my wife did.

Since then, she has been begging me to forgive her but how could I ever forgive such a woman? I think I am done with this marriage.

Please give some advice, what should I do?

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