‘Hubby has never satisfied me se_xually, he has a very small pen_is & I have a very large appetite’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am currently living in Botswana. I have been married twice, first to my children’s father and then to another man to obtain legal status.

I have currently reunited with my children’s father. I had moved to another town to join him.

The problem I am having is that he has never satisfied me se_xually. He has a very small pen_is and I have a very large appetite.

When I was living in Zimbabwe, he migrated to further his studies. I got involved with a prominent person (Ruling party official) and we had se_x every chance we got. I enjoyed having se_x with him. He knows how to use his joystick.

While living in Botswana, the pattern repeated itself. My husband still could not satisfy me. He was a good husband and father, but not a good lover.

We are now reunited and living together and he thinks it will work out just fine, but I can tell you, I will never stop cheating on him.

Aunty, please, do not say that I am bad. But he is like a puppy to me; he is just all over me. I pretend that I am in love with him, but I am not. I am in love with the lifestyle. He is very handsome and he lives in a beautiful house.

The area that he lives in would make my friends green with envy. I’m so afraid to tell my friends that I’m back with him.

When we broke up, I played the victim. I told everyone that he was the problem. The only truth was that the se_x was just not good.

They say that men with big feet have big peni_ses, but that is not true. On a different level, he has provided my children and me with a beautiful home.

But I can’t help but to give him ‘bun’. He has asked me not to hurt him again and I told him that I will never do that to him.

I don’t love him, and I have told him; I have also told my children daily. He is so simple that he has neglected his family in Zimbabwe because of me.

They know that I am not good enough for him. He sees me as his everything.

Even though I am a Christian now, I just cannot help giving him ‘bun’. I have had three preg_nancies and he only knew about one.

That hurts him very bad. I was hurt, too, as I did not know who the father was. I was with three different men, as I was seeking residency.

I eventually had ab0rtions and went on my way as though I was a faithful wife.

I have done well for myself here in Botswana. I am a secretary at an IT company.

Can I say he is a fool? He is highly educated but a big fool when it comes on to me.

If he had a bigger pen_is, I would be faithful. I will eventually marry him and ruin his family, and then take his house and ruin him again.

I am not bragging, but I don’t see a future with him.

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