I caught my mother’s Ben 10 boyfriend salivating while looking at my butt0cks — Help


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 18 years old and I am living with my mother, her Ben 10 boyfriend and my two sisters. My mother is 45 years old and her boyfriend is only 29 years old.

People in the district criticise her and say she should do better than that. If she wanted a man, she should have taken an older man not a Ben 10. I don’t like this man because since he has been sleeping with my mother, he is trying to tell me what I should do and what I should not do. He is behaving as if he is the man of the yard.

Sometimes I see him staring at my butt0cks. I asked him why he stares at me like that and he said it is because he likes me. I told him not to bother to like me. Then he said he was only joking, and I told him not to run such a joke with me.

I have a boyfriend and I told him what is going on at the house. He is 23 years old. My boyfriend and I never had se_x and he told me that my mother’s boyfriend wanted to take my ‘cherry’.

I asked him what that meant, and he said he wanted to take my virg_inity. I would not allow that over my dead body.

I told my mother that if he tried to interfere with me I would report him to police, and then I would leave the house and she wouldn’t see me for a long time. She said she couldn’t do better because he helps her to buy food.

My mother used to do day’s work but since she has picked up this man, she stopped.

My boyfriend is living with his father and he said his father told him that I could come and stay with them whenever I wanted to do so.

I want to be a teacher and I am studying hard. I am hoping to get into teacher’s college.

My father does not support me. What do you suggest I do at this stage of my life?

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