Please Help! My husband doesn’t satisfy me in bed, I’m tempted to commit adul_tery


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 30-year-old woman. I have been with my husband for five years. We are blessed with one kid. I don’t enjoy our se_x life as my husband does not satisfy me.

He does not perform foreplay. He hugs me, has se_x with me. He doesn’t seem interested in doing anything se_xual unless it’s penetration. He’s very selfish. What should I do?

I struggle to 0rgasm through penetrative se_x, and I need other forms of se_xual contact to get me in the mood. As soon as he has reached his peak, his participation in an intimate night together is over. I often find myself lying in the dark after se_x, fuming with se_xual frustration, as he falls into a peaceful sleep. I used to think that women who cheated on their husbands were being ridiculous but I now know the truth.

I’ve been reduced to having to finish myself off after he has fallen asleep, and I’m starting to feel fed up, and used.

Is it okay to find se_xual satisfaction outside? I mean looking for a no strings attached boyfriend. A boyfriend for se_x only.

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