‘My father and I woke up nak_ed in bed with our housegirl after she did this…She’s now pregnant’


Dear Aunty Lisa

We had a housegirl in our house who used to stay overnight. One day my mother went to her father’s house.

There was only me, my father and the housegirl in our house. After dinner we asked the housegirl to bring water. She did and after drinking water I and my father fell asleep in different beds.

When I woke up it was 10am in the morning. I saw the three of us i.e. dad, me and our housegirl lying on the same bed fully nak_ed.

I called my father who was fast asleep to wake up and we both wore our clothes. Then we covered the housegirl with blanket then woke her up.

She then told us that she had done all this by mixing sleeping pills in our water. She also said she took me and dad to dad’s room and made us both nak_ed and had se-xual intercourse with us. We then kicked her out of the house.

One month after that, she called us to inform that she was preg_nant with either my or father’s child.

Now my questions are:

1. Does this child really belong to us?

2. Should we repent and confess in church as we had se_x unknowingly?

3. Should we accept the child?

4. Between me and dad, who could have impreg_nated her?

5. Do I have to marry her?

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