My husband doesn’t touch me, I’m afraid I might cheat – Help


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 32-year-old woman who has been married for seven years. Initially, everything was rosy and my husband never gave me a breathing space when it came to se_x.

As a se_xually active woman, I enjoyed such attention and always looked forward to it. But in the past one year, things have changed so much that I have become so frustrated because hubby starves me of se_x. It gets so bad that I will be lucky if we have se_x once in two months.

When it first started, he always gave the excuse of being tired and stressed up from the office but this is the same office he worked in when our se_x life was at a premium.

Then it dwindled to a situation where he gets irritated whenever I touch him. I have practically had to beg him to make love to me several times to no avail.

I suspected he is having an affair and my fear was confirmed when I went through his phone and saw many raunchy text messages from different women, describing and how they can’t wait for him to make love to them again.

I fear any confrontation because he has a bad temper and that could even snuff out the once-in-two-months se_x I get from him.

I am tempted to also get a lover who will satisfy me se_xually but I need advice before I do something stupid.


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