‘I snatched my aunt’s rich Ben 10 boyfriend. I have discovered that he’s a womaniser’


I am 22 years old and something has been troubling me for some time now. I am a real village girl.

My father is a peasant farmer and my mother is a housewife. They have tried their very best with us.

My first brother learnt carpentry at area 8 Complex in Glen View. My second brother was fortunate with the help of a presidential scholarship to go to University of Jorburg.

I have an aunt who lives in Bulawayo and she told my mother that she would take me. I went to live with her since I was 13. She treated me so well.

She had a rich Ben 10 boyfriend. We live in a two-bedroom house, so I had my own room and she had hers.

I stayed with my aunt until I passed all my exams. Her boyfriend started to admire me and he told me that he had some feelings for me. I told my aunt.

She did not believe me, she asked him and he told her that I was pushing up myself to him but he was not interested.

I got a job at a supermarket and I told my aunt that wanted to rent my own place and she was upset and complained to her man. He was glad to hear that I wanted to move out.

He told me that he would help me pay rentals and I didn’t need to fear because he was planning to leave my aunt and be my blesser. He gave me money for lunch everyday.

I later moved out of aunt’s place and started renting a cottage in southern suburbs. Three months later, aunt’s Ben 10 boyfriend dumped her and came to stay with me. We have been staying together for five months but I have noticed that the man is a womaniser. I saw some messages in his phone but I did not ask him about it. I don’t love him anymore but I only want his money.

Aunty found out that I snatched her man and we no longer see eye to eye. I want to  mend my relationship with my aunt.

Please give me your advice. I want aunt to forgive me.

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