PLEASE HELP: My wife still loves her soldier ex boyfriend, I am really very depressed


Dear Aunty Lisa

I have been married for eight months and just after four months of marriage, I found out that my wife had a very serious relationship with her boyfriend before marriage.

They had a sexu_al relationship to be precise. I belong to a very conservative family and such things are unacceptable in our family.

But what really hurt me most was I made this discovery when my wife was talking to her ex-boyfriend and addressed him as “big brother”.

I grew suspicious when she was hesitating to talk in front of me and I heard her telling the person on the other line not to call her again. When I asked her who it was, she confessed that it was her ex-boyfriend. And later she told me every detail about her past.

I was even ready to forget and forgive her when she said that the reason why she chose to marry me was my cool and calm nature.

“I had rejected you when I saw your photo. But after meeting you my opinion changed.”

After that incident, she started getting frequent calls from her ex-boyfriend. One day, I got very angry and told her that I would beat him up. She just smiled and said, “No, you just can’t. He works in the military and is a very tall and strong person. He has sisters who live in the UK who send him plenty money every month.”

Here I need to clarify that I am a short and thin person. So, such comparisons really hurt me. My wife often passes comments about her past life and I get this feeling that she thinks of me as a weak and incompetent person. I am really very depressed. Please tell me what should I do?

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