I imprεgnated a jealous married woman, I want the child to use my surname — Help!


Dear Aunty Lisa

There is this girl I dated for four years, we loved each other so much. At some point in our relationship I traveled out of the country. There was a time I couldn’t keep in touch with her like I used to do, for example I often called like several times in a day before but at that time I couldn’t call for some months.

After spending two years abroad, I returned home and I didn’t inform her that I was coming. When I arrived home, I invited her and she was happy to see me. We met in an hotel and had sweet se_x that night.

Two days later, she sent me a text message telling me to forget about her. I was so surprised but later I found out that she was already two months preg_nant when we slept together and she was about to get married to her boyfriend.

Firstly I was angry that why would she allow me have se_x with her when she was carrying another man’s baby in her w0mb but she apologized and later explained to me that she was planning to ab0rt the baby and stop the marriage. She explained how her mum and sister had forced the man on her claiming that I wasn’t coming back for her. I encouraged her to carry on with her marriage. She later gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Now after almost two years into her marriage, she still constantly invites me for se_x. She gets angry whenever she calls and I tell her that I am hanging out with a female friend. She doesn’t want me to have a girlfriend.

She’s always condemning every girl I date, she gets mad even when I refer to her as my ex. Last, week she was blessed with her second son, and she told me that I am responsible for him but her husband thinks he’s father.

I have no doubt that I am the father but my biggest question is: Can I register the child? I want him to use my surname. I need your advice aunty.

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