‘I am dating a very rich man’s son but I cry everyday’

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Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m a university student and I’m dating a very rich man’s son. I come from a normal family.

His family is very rich. He is caring and sweet to me. But I feel very stressed and inferior whenever I’m with his family because of my poor family background. For example, during dinner his parents would hint something and imply that his son deserves a smarter, nicer and richer girl and I am not good enough for their son. But next minute, their parents could be nice to me and having fun with me which is actually so fake?

I must say, I almost have no self esteem in front of his family, cos I cannot talk back even they are making me uncomfortable, which is actually driving me crazy.

The worst thing is that we have to spend lots of time with his parents due to some reasons. I cry everyday and every time I confess my feeling to him, my bf just seem doesn’t understand why I am always unhappy?!

I start to wonder if we will have future?

I lost most of my friends because I spend lots of time with him. I feel so stupid and pathetic.

Sometimes I think of breaking up but I love my boyfriend too bad.

I just ask myself, why do I have to make myself so pathetic like this?

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