My left vαginα is smaller than the right: Woman with 2 vαginαs reveals how she enjoys sεx


I HAVE often heard that good things always come in pairs.

Almost every body part that works in pairs plays an important role in the human anatomy.

We’ve also heard of the popular saying: “Twice as nice.”

This quote further elaborates that indeed the best things in life come in twos.

So, can the same thing be said about women who have two punanis?

Known medically as utεrus didεlphys, which is an occurrence of the utεrine system that is developing in utεro, this female rεproductive system is fairly symmetrical with two ovariεs and two fall0pian tubes.

The utεrus is actually a fusion from either side of the system to create one utεrus.

Sometimes during development, things can go wrong and two utεruses, two vagi_nas, and two cεrvixes can be created.

According to physician Melissa Goist, this condition can manifest itself in various ways.

“For example, a woman can have two vagi_nas, but just one utεrus and one cεrvix. It’s also possible to have what’s called a unicorn utεrus, where a woman is missing one side of her rεproductive system.”

Experts say that both punanis can be penetrated during sεx, which simply means two birds can be hit with one stone in this case as well.

In a recent thread on a leading social media platform, a woman claims that she was born two vagi_nas.

Diagnosed with utεrus didεlphys, Monica has double the sεx organs, including her vagi_na, utεrus, and cεrvix, all of which she has two. She goes on to explain what it’s really like to have sεx with two vagi_nas. And while most men have been a little intimated by her double lady parts, her current boyfriend thought it sounded fun.

Both vagi_nas are not exactly the same, which can make sεx a little uncomfortable at times. The woman says that her left vagi_na is smaller than the right, making sεx with it painful.

Many people on the thread were wondering about how fingering happens. The woman’s boyfriend, who also joined the thread, said that he sticks a finger in each vagi_na, exactly what many people thought would happen.

When it comes to sεx and frisky play, the woman prefers to use her right vagi_na because it’s bigger and feels more comfortable. When it comes to 0rgasms, the woman says that the sεptum which separates her vagi_na completely covers her G-spot. So, clit0ral stimulation is the only way for her to achieve the Big O. Hey, it isn’t much different from many women who only have one vagi_na.

When asked about masturbati0n, the woman said that she gets to choose which vagi_na she wants to use.

The woman said that it’s possible for her to be preg_nant with two babies at a time with one in each utεrus. However, no matter what happens, she will need to have a C-section birth because there would be way too many complications doing it vagi_nally. She also mentions that because her utεruses are smaller than normal, she is at risk for miscarriages and premature babies.

Though we now have all the answers we need to know about how a woman with two vagi_nas has sεx, it turns out that things aren’t so weird. While her condition isn’t always a comfortable one, it seems that this woman is leading a pretty normal sεx life that she claims to be happy with.

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