Both pεnises ejaculatε during sεx, I use the right one when I masturbatε: Man with 2 pεnises


I’VE often asked myself this odd question: Can a drummer function with one stick instead of two?

I mean, drummers are known for using two drum sticks to musically guide them through their drum kit.

So, will they still be called drummers with one stick?

Similarly, a lot has been said about men who are born with two pεnises, and should they indeed be dually gifted, will we still refer to them as men?

Diphallia is a genetic condition present at birth in which a person has two pεnises, aka 4-5s.

Diphallia only affects about one out of every 5–6 million baby boys.

This condition of having two 4-5s is not dangerous, however diphallia is associated with many other conditions that do cause medical problems.

People with diphallia often experience other congεnital defects, including digestive and urina_ry tract problems.

Despite its rarity, in 2015, a 25-year-old man referred to as “Triple D” from the east coast of America was found to have two 4-5s.

According to a Newsbeat article, Triple D claimed to have thousands of sεxual partners.

In the article, he described himself as “very much bisεxual”.

So, indeed double trouble can be double the fun, right?

Another anonymous man first came under the spotlight on a leading social media platform in 2014 when he revealed that he had a condition that left him with two pεnises. He has also written a book about diphallia.

But the man’s story is different since both of his pεnises function, something that isn’t the norm. He said he ejaculatεs from both during sεx while uses the right one when he masturbatεs.

He describes stimulation on both sides as a great experience but says it’s much better when he is having sεx. Although he wants to make people understand that everyone isn’t the same, the man wants to retain his anonymity and has declined offers to star in p0rn movies.

His parents taught him that he was unique from an early age so he never questioned his gεnitals. They told him to keep it a secret in order to avoid making other boys jealous of him.

While he initially liked to surprise people he got intimate with, it got old and he decided to explain it before. He added that women are unpredictable since those he thought would freak out didn’t, but in case of men the reaction was always the same.

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