She took me to her bedroom, took off my clothes and started to have unprotected se_x with me. Help!

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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 30 years old. I was married, but lost my wife in an accident four years ago. She was so beautiful and intelligent. She was also attractive and my mother always told me that I was lucky to have her, but she was killed in a horrific road crash.

I met another woman and we have been talking for eight months. She stays at her parents’ house. She does not have children. She invited me for dinner, which I really enjoyed. As the evening got older, I decided that I should leave. She asked me why I was going home so early. I asked her if she would love for me to stay a little longer and she said yes.

Instead of the television, she turned on some old-hits music. She is a good dancer. We danced for quite a while, then I realised that she wanted more out of me. She planned the evening much more than I had thought. She had the champagne chilled, so we popped champagne and we danced some more. I told her that she should remember that I had to drive, so I could not drink anymore.

To cut a long story short, Aunty, she took me to her bedroom and took off my clothes and started to have se_x with me. Remember, this was my first date with this woman. Although we used to talk often on the phone, no se_x was involved. That evening this lady wanted se_x, so we had se_x and then I left. By the time I reached home, she called me and asked if I was alright. I told her yes. She said that we would do it again the following weekend. But it was unprotected se_x because I was not planning to have se_x.

I wondered, when I left, what got into this woman. It was our first date and yet she wanted me inside of her. Do you think this is a good woman? Does she do that to every man she invites to her house? She seemed easy to get. I like her, but I thought it would have been more difficult to get her to go to bed with me. What do you feel about such a woman?

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