PLEASE HELP: ‘I am having a problem with my beautiful young wife’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 54, and I am having a problem with my wife. She’s 40. I took her and schooled her when she was young. We have two children together.

We went away, but we agreed that I would return home and set things in place because I did not intend to live forever abroad.

I built a three-bedroomed house on my parents’ land. My sister has a good job in government, and she has taken care of the home in which we grew up.

She is not married, but she has taken care of nieces and nephews. She lives there at the house.

My wife came to Zimbabwe while I was building the house. She even chose the fixtures for the house.

The house has been finished now, and my wife is now saying that she doesn’t want to come back to live on family land.

She did not say that to me while we were making plans to build the house, and when she came and saw the house, she told me how much she liked it. But, all of a sudden, she doesn’t want to live here.

I suspect that she has found another man in the UK.

Now, suddenly my family is her problem? This is my place. It is big enough for us and the children, but I don’t expect the children to live here.

They may come and spend holidays. But this house is for me and wife. I told her to tell me the truth. She said she doesn’t have another man. How am I now going to live without a woman?

My sister is older than I, and there are only three of us. I have a brother who is living in Ireland. He said he’s not coming back to live in Jamaica.

I didn’t get married to get a divorce. I am a church man.

Do you think my wife has found another man? She told me that I am asking her these questions because I might have plans to look for another woman.

That was never in my plans. She will be in Zimbabwe in April. I hope that when she comes, we will be able to see you Aunty.

Keep up the good work.

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