I caught hubby having se_x with a married woman. Should I also sleep with the husband of that woman?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I caught my pastor husband red-handed having lula lula with a married woman.

I caught him moaning in pleasure having se_xual intercourse with one of our members’ wives. I grabbed the woman and tore her clothes.

I raised alarm; he started begging me not to expose the woman because her husband would divorce her.

Members stopped coming to our church because of his atrocities and he is now accusing me of chasing members away.

My husband’s behaviour toward me changed after the incident. He no longer gave me money or care for me.

I was under the influence of charm throughout my marriage with him but the wool was later lifted off my eyes five years ago.

I decided to remain in the marriage because of my children.

Since then, my husband has never attended any of my family’s functions; even when my father died, he did not go for the burial.

The husband of the woman he had se_x with approached me last week and suggested that we should also sleep together. Frankly speaking, I have fallen in love with this man but I told him that I needed time to think about it. What should I do?

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