HELP: How do I tell my boyfriend that I once had an aborti0n?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I have something in my mind that keeps bothering me all the time. I had an aborti0n when I was 14 weeks pre_gnant many years ago, and I often wonder how my future husband will feel about me when he finds out (if he finds out). I am not sure whether or not I should tell him, but … I can honestly say that I sometimes think it might be a bigger burden if I do not tell him, because I am genuinely worried that things may go wrong with my next preg_nancy as a result of the aborti0n.

The doctor who performed the aborti0n was negligent and didn’t give me an injection of Anti-D gamma globulin after the procedure, even though I am Rhesus negative. I discovered (after it was already too late) that this may have serious consequences for any future preg_nancies I may have, which is one of the reasons why I would prefer to tell my future husband about the aborti0n. I just think a marriage where you cannot rely on the support of your spouse is a marriage which defeats the whole purpose of being married.

However, I must say I am indeed filled with fear about the possible consequences of a revelation of this nature. What if he falls out with me later on and tells a member of my immediate family or a colleague or friend of mine?

I would actually like to hear from you aunty and other readers who have been in my situation. How did they handle this situation, and what were the consequences for them?

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