My wife is talking to her ex-boyfriend behind my back…He sent her presents on her birthday


Dear Aunty Lisa

I have been married for five years and have one son. Ours was a love marriage. Prior to our marriage, my wife had an affair for six years, but things didn’t work out due to opposition from her parents and the guy himself.

My wife told me all about this before our wedding.

Now her ex boyfriend is in the UK, he has done his masters degree and is working for a big company. Last year he called up on my wife’s birthday.

She spoke to him for more than an hour and exchanged telephone numbers and mail ids. He sent her birthday presents, bag full of trendy clothes and a pair of LV sneakers.

Later when she told me about this, I became upset and she regretted ever marrying her. But life continued. This year, he again sent wishes by email on her birthday and a new iPhone X and some three hundred pounds. Since then she has been interacting with him by calls and mails.

From her mails, it seems that she has not forgotten her past. She remembers minute details like his bike numbers, members of his family etc. I get upset and feel betrayed. I have handled things independently in my life, but I am unable to handle this situation.

The moment I decide to implement my decisions, my BP shoots up and I end up feeling angry about everything. Do I need to confront her or should I leave it the way it is? I feel that I am being used? Please advise.

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