PLEASE HELP: I am too loud during se_x, my boyfriend says I sound like I’m being murdered


Dear Aunty Lisa

I have fantastic se_x with a new partner and I have 0rgasms every time, but he says I make too much noise.

He says I sound like I’m being murdered and it’s “distracting”. He jokingly mentioned that maybe I should have counselling for the problem.

I’ve never thought that my noise in the bedroom was a problem before, but I’ve never had such great se_x in my life. I have been using a pillow over my head, but I find it suffocating.

Is there any underlying psychological issue that might affect the level of noise one makes? Previously, I lived a se_xless life for 10 years.

My new partner is really caring and I wouldn’t want to put him off by screaming my head off every time I climax.

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