Why do many guys wear dirty and torn underwear?


Many Zimbabwean guys wear dirty and torn underwear.

Most of these guys are often well dressed on the outside.

This reporter tried to find out why men wear dirty underwear and this is what many guys said:

It is not feasible to be washing ndhawe (underwear) everyday. To be sincere, very few guys wear a boxer only once before washing it. If we investigate, many Zimbo guys are guilty, they wear dirty underwear at all time.

Survey, even found out that one in twenty men put their underwear back on more than five times before washing them. They will wear it again and again if it does not look dirty.

But for the sake of health and hygiene of the se_x organs, experts recommend changing underwear regularly because bacteria that is found in the geni_tals thrive in a warm and humid environment, they will start to breed out of control.

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