PLEASE HELP: The man I’m cheating with is threatening to tell my husband about our affair

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Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m in a horrible situation. I’m a married woman aged 37 and have been having an affair with a younger guy, who’s 25.

I was bored with my marriage and also the fact my husband never listens to me, so was very flattered when this young and energetic man started paying me attention.

It started with drinks after work and then I began going over to his place for lula lula (se_x), which was great.

But it wasn’t just about the physical side of things – I genuinely like him and he’s caring and good fun to be around.

However, I’ve now decided that I do want to try to make my marriage work and I have to end the affair.

The problem is, the man I’m cheating with is in love with me and when I spoke to him last week and said I wanted to end it to focus on my marriage, he reacted really badly.

He was upset and pleading with me not to do it. He even said if I couldn’t pluck up the courage to tell my husband then he would.

Now I’m paranoid about him getting in touch with my husband and telling him about our affair.

He doesn’t have personal contact details for him, but he does know where he works, so could easily call or send a letter or an email.

What can I do? I lie awake at night worrying about it.

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