‘I had wild, steamy se_x with husband’s best friend Tino while drunk hubby was fast asleep’

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Dear Aunty Lisa

Tinotenda comes over twice a month or so to drink and hang out with my hubby. Usually they don’t get too drunk but my husband’s job has been very stressful of late. I don’t join in with them, preferring to hide out in the bedroom and read some novels and fall asleep before they end the night.

Last night I went out around midnight and my husband was way drunk.

Tino and I helped him to the bed and he just passed out.

Tino is a very handsome and attractive man and I have had more than one fantasy about him but never planned to take it further. After we put my husband to bed we went out and talked. I became very aware what I was wearing was far too skimpy but I was enjoying seeing him slip some looks at me.

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It was a very warm night and the boys had been outside by the pool. They had left the light on so I went out to turn it off.

Tino followed me and as soon as I hit the switch the full moon just lit up the back yard. He was standing close behind me, so close I could feel his breath. I turned and looked up at him bathed in the moonlight, he bent over and kiss3d me and I kiss3d back.

It felt so good, my se_x life had been very boring for so long. My husband was always tired and stressed out from work. I am not making excuses what I did next was all on me. I let him pick me up and carry me inside. I let him lay me down on the floor and undress me. I opened my mouth and took him in and let him enter me.

It was so very good, like we had been lovers for a long time. He did everything right and soon I was laying there next to him trying to catch my breath. I had 0rgasmed more than I had in years and it was wonderful.

Then I guess the drinks began to wear off and the guilt set in. My husband was sleeping just down the hall. I got up and told Tino it was better if he left but I so didn’t want him to. I wanted to take him into the spare room and continue but I went to my husband’s bed and curled up next to him. I tried to sleep but could not, I cried a bit but the vision of Tino nak3d, the feelings when we where screwing got me excited again and I went out into the kitchen to get another drink.

He was still there, sitting at the table. He looked up at me and said he was so sorry he had betrayed my husband. He looked near tears so I went over to him with the intentions of only comforting him but I should not have touched him. We ended up in the spare room and I fell asleep next to him.

I woke early and ran to our bedroom. My husband was still asleep so I went in and took a quick shower. I don’t know why I had not thought of this before, my husband had a vasect0my before we met and I had not had to bother with birth control for so long I had just forgot!

Now I am so scared Tino has given me a baby. I truly want one and we had even talked about a reversal for my husband. What now, what would I do if I become preg_nant? Should I come clean now or wait? And now, how do I get Tino out of my head? I want so much to call him, meet him and have a wild affair but I still do love my husband.

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