PLEASE HELP: I found inappropriate messages between my wife and her former boss

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Dear Aunty Lisa

Recently I found on my wife’s phone inappropriate text messages to her former boss that consisted of se_xually explicit content.

While it was not directed toward him in a se_xual manner, it did consist of se_xual banter.

While she says it was them ‘joking,’ I feel it was se_xting — simply for the fact that the texts were graphic in content and words. She said that she was “teasing” him about his lusting after a certain female that they both worked with. But to me, a married woman/man should not engage in such ‘banter’ over mobile devices or computers or IMs or texts, especially when it is not with your spouse.

This has caused trouble in our marriage because she doesn’t see the wrong in it — even when I am telling her it hurts my feelings knowing she engages in such texts with someone other than I (and from what I recall, we have only sent sexts to one another a handful of times).

As much as I try to explain to her that it is inappropriate for a married woman to engage in such behavior, I cannot get it through her head that it is ‘sexting.’

What say you in this matter?

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