I’ve discovered that my girlfriend used to be a pr0stitute. Should I stay with her?

File pic: Worried man

Dear Aunty Lisa

I met my girlfriend about a year ago. We started dating and everything was okay, until one day a guy I know told me that she was a se_x worker.

I asked her about it and she denied it, so I let it go. Then one day I saw a message pop up on her Facebook from a guy saying he hadn’t seen her for some time at a house that I know is a place for se_x work.

He thought he was talking to her, and said he was hoping they could do business. He got into the price details and other issues.

I confronted her and still she denied it, saying she never did that.

Because she did not mind me having access to her Facebook, I searched through her inbox to messages dating back to about a year before we met and found messages proving that she really had done se_x work before.

I asked her again if she would have told me if she had ever done something like that when we met. She said she would have.

I knew that she was lying. I have since been stuck between wanting to show her the messages and not.

I believe she is no longer doing those things and she is fully committed to me, but the fact that she won’t confess hurts me. I know she lost her mother at an early age and might have been driven by poverty to se_x work.

I love her and feel that I could come to peace if she would tell me why she did it rather than lie to me about her past.

But I don’t think I can make her my wife if she keeps this thing a secret from me. What should I do?

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