Help! I have fallen head over heels in love with my best friend’s beautiful wife

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Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m in a dilemma – I’ve fallen head over heels in love with my best friend’s wife. I’ve had feelings for her for a while.

I have tried to keep my distance from them but my friend insists on a lot of contact and wants me to visit them at home. He has no idea how I feel about his beautiful wife.

Everything went to hell, on Mugabe National Youth Day. I was spending a few days at their house so that I could hang with them and their kids. I woke up far earlier than I normally do, you know sleeping in a bed that’s not my own isn’t fun, and went out into the living room. She was sitting on the couch because she is always up early and was waiting for muffins to finish baking. I sat down beside her, and we started talking. Nothing really important, just early morning chat. At one point, I lean in to platonically kiss her forehead, something I usually do with several of my friends, and they all know that there is no meaning behind it, and I got blindsided when she k!ssed me back, full on the lips. Still in shock, I returnd the k!ss for a few seconds until I could think straight again, at which point I apologized, got up, and walked back to the guest room I was sleeping in.

We chatted for a few minutes via text message, and she admitted that she had been fighting r0mantic feelings for me that she realized she had at a party we attended in December. She had no clue that I felt how I did, and I had no idea she reciprocated my feelings. We both know that we can never be together. It would tear her family apart, ruin a good number of our friendships with other people, and absolutely destroy her husband (my best friend). We told ourselves that we would put this behind us and try to go back to the friendship that we had. But that hasn’t been working.

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We’ve been around each other almost constantly for the past 2 weeks due to plans that had been in place for a long while. We couldn’t really avoid each other, even if we tried. And no matter how hard we’ve been trying, we haven’t been able to get over this love. We haven’t been able to prevent ourselves from sharing a k!ss anytime we are alone, or holding hands when people aren’t looking. Thank God we’ve been able to avoid having se_x, otherwise everything would be worse.

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