LULA LULA: Meet 2 yellowbone pr0stitutes who have taken the concept of sharing to another level


WE all know and fully understand that there is no joy in possession without sharing, no wonder interdependence of human beings is fundamental.

However, two ladies of questionable morals have taken the concept of sharing to another level.

Yours Truly is blabbering about none other than two light skinned ladies who have had affairs with several businessmen around our beautiful city.

One of the flesh peddlers has a name that has to do with remembrance or recollection and we all know how she used to be head over heels in love with that other extravagant businessman who inherited his father’s wealth.

The other Jezebel sister, who traces her days of innocence to that other ghetto whose name has something to do with water, is now in the Diaspora where she is unleashing her animalistic disposition while doing anything and everything to earn a living.

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These two, dear reader, have a history of sharing everything, including their hoodwinked boyfriends.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that the one with a name that has something to do with remembrance is now dating this other pr0miscu0us young man who once had an affair with her friend – the one who is now in the Diaspora.

The young man is none other than this other disowned son of a local businessman whose father cut ties with him the moment he started dating the shameless woman.

No wonder the Bible notes that a father to a fool has no joy!

With their black luxurious vehicles, the two new lovebirds are rewriting the Romeo and Juliet script as they flaunt their newly found affection in broad daylight.

Apparently, this is not the first time that the two shameless women have dated the same man.

Many may recall how they used to drink from the same well back then when they took turns to enjoy quality time with this other motor spare parts dealer.

The dealer actually went broke, all because of his open-zip shut-mind approach to s_3xual matters.

This whole case is ample evidence of how human beings never learn.

Before Yours Truly signs out, it is only befitting that we make it known that there is a lady in the banking sector who is said to be paying young men for a session in bed.

Get me right, she is not being paid; she is actually paying the various young men willing to go between the sheets with her.

As usual, Blabber will certainly go deeper and unravel more in due course.

Till then, keep well!

— Manica Post

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