‘We must arrest ex Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri and his wife’


The retired Commissioner General of Police, Cde Dr Augustine Chihuri must face imminent justice for the crimes he committed whilst in office which tarnished the image of the organisation resulting in loss of public trust.

The judicial wheel should move in quick time to prosecute Chihuri for failure to uphold the constitution and to instill discipline among member of the Force.

The Operation Restore Legacy aimed at setting the country in the correct trajectory should see police discarding bad practices and necodemusly repent from the traditional way of policing in the contemporary world.

The retired Commissioner General was a bonafide leader who presided over and lead from the front in transforming the ZRP into a corrupt entity to become the worst policing organisation in the world. Addressing Senior Officers during the last days of his embarrassing carrier, Chihuri said 291 police officers were discharged from the police service in 2016 and 437 in 2017 for various offences. Currently 156 officers have their cases pending trial for acts of misconduct.

The statistics shows that the society is now full of military trained people with the majority now embarking on armed robberies a clear manifestation that proper background checks are not being conducted on recruitment.

He left an indelible legacy of rampant corruption which will be referenced by successive generations. Zimbabwe Republic Police is yet to be transformed into a police service.

The man was a notorious criminal and there is prima facie documentary evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he thieved from police officers and squander roadblock funds.

Chihuri shred section 219 of the constitution by failure to distribute manpower to curb crime but rather deploy the majority of members on traffic enforcement duties with set targets to raise funds . The public should know that Chihuri and the provincial commanders set financial targets on spot fines and it was unfortunate that if the target is not met one would not knock of duty or else you had to top up from personal coffers.

The scenario was disheartening that the organisation which is the most visible arm of the state responsible in crime reduction was on a profit maximisation spree.

Investigations are not completed in time due to lack of manpower but you could see a full squad of officers manning a road block.

The public cry foul to unprecedented mushrooming of road blocks but Chihuri could have non of it a clear indication that he was too arrogant to listen to public concerns.

During his stinct as the Commissioner General, millions were collected through road blocks but none was remitted to the treasury or audited by the Auditor General.

The parliamentary portfolio committee must summon police bosses to answer questions of concern before legislatures.

Let it be known that all the road block funds collected from Zambezi to Limpopo during Chihuri’s tenure never efficiently and effectively used to the benefit of the entire organisation.

The funds enriched the praise and worship police top brass team. He bought them top of the range wild track ford rangers which never perform police duties. Those ford rangers are too smart to be boarded by Junior Officers and a radio signal was once dispatched to all stations that it’s a chargeable offence to a non commissioned rank to wave for those rangers for a lift. The best they can be used is to pick children to and from schools or to ferry fertilizers to the farms.

He never improves the condition of service for better service delivery. As a G40 loyalist he funds the youth interface rallies which were meant to denigrate veteran of the struggle and this was cemented by the release of the police band to provide entertainment at those kangaroo rallies.

An inquiry should be made on which provision of the Public Order and Security Act [POSA] that youth interface rallies were cleared while the meeting by war veterans in February 2016 was deemed illegal and they become victims of teargas and water canons. His heavy handedness on defenseless protesters under the instruction of G40 must be investigated.

Police officers have been reduced to beggars that they rely on well wishers for vehicles to escort suspects to court and to conduct investigations for high profile cases, the condition which is unjustifiable in a contemporary policing. At times police officers could fork from their little salaries to conduct police duties.

His administration could spent 60 000 dollars on a single ford ranger but could not release funds to buy a simple Honda fit for police officers to attend scenes in time.

The majority of stations do not have vehicles. Where a vehicle is located there could be no driver at the police station, but the organisation had driving schools in Harare and Bulawayo and nomination for driving course is based on nepotism. Police bosses view sending details to driving school as a blessing before the altar. Drivers licenses acquired individually are not recognised.

Private security companies are performing better and they know how to distribute resources to achieve objectives. Their swift reaction and timeliness to scene attendance is reasonable. Administratively, he made life difficult for police officers by failing to release funds to buy stationery. Resources which are supposed to be catered for by the state such as rims of bond papers are being bought by members who contributed from their own pockets.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has no constitutional mandate to conduct church services, but Chihuri had the audacity to release funds for travelling and subsistent allowances [T&S] for the top brass to go and attend church service for instance in Gwanda, but could not release the same to a constable who want to travel 300km to conduct inquiries or locate suspects.

The situation has led magistrates to blast police for shoddy and shambolic investigations. The problem emanates from the unavailability of resources to complete investigations in time. In this new dispensation we are therefore requesting President ED Mnangagwa’s administration to urgently look into the following: Immediately send the ZRP Director of finance into a forced leave to institute a forensic audit of how the roadblock monies were used by Chihuri’s administration during the start of the multi currency system that is from 2009 up to date.

Another department of concern is the transport and logistics, all police vehicles should be audited and acertain how they were distributed. The majority of those expensive vehicles should be auctioned and fuel server once be bought to perform police duties not a scenario of one person possessing a fleet of vehicles on reserve.

Resources should be equally distributed and vehicles to carry suspects to court must be availed and not to the primitive scenario of using public transport to escort accused persons. The unavailability of resources forced police officers to escort arrested persons in public places on foot.

There is a miscarriage into the administration of funds, police handles funds then audit themselves. Auditors are police officers who are interested parties.

All police funds must be audited by an independent body. The then Commissioner General of police must not sink alone his administration too must be retired for violating the rights of junior officers and be replaced by those from the defence forces. Junior officers are not excising rights as enshrined in the labour act.

Occasional and vacational leaves are granted on the pretext that you don’t have Kuyedza club arrears. If you have a record of refusing to buy kuyedza raffle tickets it’s a non start to go for leave. The Commissioner General Funfair and Horse Race that makes a lot of noise are being funded by police officers through raffle tickets whether you like it on not. The raffle tickets are supposed to be sold to the public by public relations offices but due to bad relations that is not feasible.

Chihuri was not popular with junior officers for his colonial mentality and aggressive autocratic leadership stance. His failure to address welfare issues among them not limited to transport and accommodation was a great cause for concern.

The organisation had buses but they can not be released to ferry members to and from work, but they can be release to ferry Kuyedza club members any where in Zimbabwe. This is gross violation of the police standing orders volume 2 paragraph 17.2 subparagraph 17.26 which states that road transport requisition shall not be issued to members of Kuyedza club travelling to attend association meetings, course or competition.

The scenario is not synonymous with the defence forces which thrive to ensure their members are taken to and from work and they do their best to address accommodation concerns despite economic challenges. Junior officers expect professional leaders like those from the defence forces.

To the minister of finance the question of concern is that why do you approve recruitment and you fail to provide all materials required for training. Trainees are funding their own training, is this the government policy?

The G40 loyalist, Commissioner Training and Development, Commissioner GN. Ndebele had a criminal prima facie case to answer in as far as training scandals are concerned from her days as Commandant Depot up to this date. Commissioner Ndebele’s hands are not clean on the abuse of allowances from the Ministry of Mines which were suppose to be given to police officers deployed on Operation Chengetedzai Hupfumi which starts when government took over all mining activities in Chiadzwa.

Chiadzwa is a rich Diamond field located in Manicaland Province.

Meanwhile, Chihuri’s wife had the same caliber to grace Mugabe. Grace Mugabe usurped executive powers at the height of internal factionalism in Zanu Pf. However, Isabel Chihuri usurp Police powers through Kuyedza Women Club where she was the president. Kuyedza is a civilian club of police wives which should be joined voluntarily according to the Police Standing Orders Volume One, However this provision was violated that even police wives who are also police officers are forced to be members of the club. Those who are non club members are being forced to subscribe affiliations fees to the club. The proceeds were being channeled to Chihuri’s wife. Chihuri wife must be arrested for abusing state manpower to conduct Kuyedza activities which had nothing to do with ZRP constitutional mandate.

Kuyedza must be run by civilians but that is no longer the case. It is now being run by Police officers. All projects that are of monetary benefit, Junior Officers wives are not entertained. POS machines are fixed in those offices where police officers are forced to part with USD 50.00 for a sub standard 2 mitre cloth that costs less than USD 4.00 in down town. Kuyedza raffle tickets that require money come at regular intervals.

Failure to comply with Kuyedza demands one is given the option to tender resignation. Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba when contacted for comments by Media Houses regarding Kuyedza issues, she is on record saying that police officers must forward their grievances through the usual channel.

The usual channel being referred to in this case is the channel that leds to armageddon. The situation is like making an appeal to the same court that convicted you.

In view of the aforesaid, all police officers must vacate Kuyedza offices and deployed where there is need.

The offices should be handed over to civilians to run their activities.

Affiliation fees be paid by members who voluntary join the club.

Police officers are carrying the cross to fund all monetary activities and Kuyedza projects. Those are some of the issues fueling corruption which require urgent attention considering the fact that the majority still wants to pay rentals from the same little salaries which is vulnerable to abuse by the top brass. – Article written by: The Duly Attested


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