Mnangagwa who once accused Mugabe of being captured by G40 captured by army


Recent arrests of Mthwakazi youths in Bulawayo and their subsequent detention at Army barracks points out to what we have been all saying.

The Army is in total control of Zimbabwe and the appointment of General Chiwenga to the presidium as well as defence portfolio speaks volume of how the junta seeks to spread its tentacles of power in the government.

In 2008 the MDC T won the general elections but the Army circumvented the will of the people. General Chiwenga and their coup frontman, ED Mnangagwa, delayed announcement of the result while they devised a plan to retain Mugabe as the President. A runoff was called for and the Army got into motion torturing people who had expressed their will. More than 200 people were killed and many suffered permanent injuries.

The involvement of the Army buttresses the fact that they have been in control for a long time. The late General Mujuru comes to mind, he exerted much influence in the Zanu pf but gullible Zimbabweans glorify even a monster. Zimbabwean people saw Mujuru as just a kingmaker yet it was the start of Army influencing Zimbabwean politics.

The Army will not be accepted directly so they put a frontman to pretend they are not involved. Mugabe could not step down after losing in 2008 because the Army needed him to camouflage their power. It is the same now again, ED is just a front for the junta. General Chiwenga is the most powerful man. After ED he will tell us he has been anointed to lead Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa might be sincere in saying we need investors to revive the economy. It ends there …just talk. The Army will not encourage any meaningful investor except Chinese who will come to loot our resources with impunity.

Zimbabweans were used to participate in a march they stood to benefit nothing.

It raises the question, what are the Army Generals afraid of that they cannot surrender power to a democratically elected government?

It is fear of atrocities committed during Gukurahundi were they exterminated thousands of innocent lives .Their only crime being Ndebele people.

Wheels of justice might be delayed but they will surely turn one day.– Tawanda AT Kadada

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