How to use social media to benefit your career


Marketing is no longer just for businesses. You can make yourself a brand and market yourself. A self-marketing campaign essentially explains what you do best, how you are different from other people in your trade and what you bring to the table. A well-developed marketing strategy helps you build your career and appeal to experts in your field. It could help you land your dream job or interact with experienced professionals in your discipline. With the advent of the internet, connectivity has been made very simple. You can check out people from across the world doing similar work as you do. Using social media platforms, you can interact with various individuals, exchange ideas and compare opinions. This engagement is not only good for networking but might also be what you need to open your mind to new ideas.

Here are some tips on how to use social media to grow your career.

Many professionals on these sites often upload inspiring content about what they do and how they’ve gotten to where they are. Reading up on what they have to say is essential to equip you on current matters in your field of expertise. You also get some insight on how to climb up the corporate ladder. They are practically dishing out free career advice on social media platforms; it would do you good to listen.

Some professionals prefer Linked in while others like to tweet out their wisdom. Avail yourself to your peers and experts on all the sites they grace. Ensure you are technologically equipped to operate these sites and engage with your peers. Having a profile in each of these sites opens you up to more of your peers and widens your scope of what is happening in your professional world. When setting up your profiles across these networks, put up a professional front to let people know that you mean business. While you may be tempted to put up that selfie of you pouting, resist that urge. Set up pictures and personal biographies that appeal to other professionals. This will attract parties interested in who you are and what you have to say about your work.

This is one of the more significant ways to grow your career and profile. Engage yourself in forums or conversations are good but following up on the experts’ two cents might be what your career needs. You will be able to jump on to conversations these experts set up and contribute to professional engagements that may have your opinions catch the eye of employers in that particular field.

Just because you’re looking to grow your career doesn’t mean you stick to serious matters all day every day. The most crucial part perhaps about social media use has to be staying true and letting your profile reflect who you are outside of work. You are many things, not just your career. Find a way to incorporate personal aspects to your profile to give it a more relatable vibe. Personalizing your profile might be somewhat tricky. Remember, the goal to grow your career using social media does not change. An excellent way to incorporate personal tones into your professional career profiles is with fun-yet work oriented posts. You could add “things you do not know about me” or “things I can do exceptionally well” lists as part of your content. Each of these should incorporate both casual and formal aspects of you to attract your peers or potential employers.

Actively involve yourself in the activities of the site. Following and liking relevant content not only draws important content to you but helps mold your profile into a professional arena. Because your peers can access your site stats; that you follow, what you share, what you like, they can review your profile to check out your recent activities. Because you’re looking to develop your career, tailor your profile on these sites to project and subsequently attracts relevant peers and experts in your discipline. Make sure they can access these profiles to gauge where your career is at. Make sure the content you share is creating enough buzz to prove that people are interested in what you have to say. You might experience some trouble kicking off some of your profiles. One good option, for example, is to buy 50 Instagram likes which will trigger more people to view your profile and improve the diversity of professionals you interact with.


On these networks, you might want to sharpen your stalker skills. It’s something we all do, but you can use it to find out about individuals or companies in which you are interested. This will help you see what moves they are making in your industry and how well suited you are to work with them. Stalking these people or companies may be useful to challenge yourself and your careers to achieve various goals that may help you surpass some professionals or interest multiple companies. It is important that you keep up with what they are doing and how you can apply that to grow yourself.


As you continue to learn different things on various platforms, your way of thinking and some opinions may be changed. You will have to edit your profile to suit your current thoughts or views on topics within your career. Employers love to see flexibility and evolution in your way of thinking. Not only will this impress these potential employers but also demonstrate to your peers your forward way of processing information and accepting change.

Using various social media platforms, you can establish your presence as a professional and take advantage of features each site offers to market yourself while acquiring insight on how your profession works from a peer and expert perspective. It would be wise to use that opportunity to grow your career and get a better understanding of your field of expertise.

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