Is Thokozani Khupe okay upstairs? Her appetite for money and assets has reached alarming levels


Khupe must report for duty at Harvest House if she is now the President of the MDC

1. Harvest House is not under threat

2. Any other assets and buildings are very safe

3. Chamisa’s Presidency is very safe

4. They can simply resort to MDC Alliance and use this congress as “Extra-ordinary congress”

What a heartless woman whose focus is on hard currency, when majority of Zimbabweans are languishing in poverty !!!!

She is more concerned about Harvest House building ?????

Really Thoko !!!

As a law student, with my little knowledge, why would people entertain a fool to this extent. Thokozani Khupe is more worried about Harvest House building when millions of Zimbabweans are hopeless and jobless, Khupe is more worried about Harvest House, when Zanu-PF is invading farms and mines, Thokozani Khupe is more worried about Harvest House building when millions of youths are on Harare streets and they have resorted to vending activities, Thokozani is more worried about Harvest House building when millions of women are giving birth under life threatening conditions, she is more worried about her make up, she is more worried about well ventilated offices when millions of Gukurahundi victims cannot have access to birth certificates???

Her quest for power and her appetite for money and assets has reached alarming levels.

We are wasting time dwelling much on issues that can be resolved quickly. Why don’t Thokozani Khupe report for Duty at Harvest House tomorrow? She knows where Harvest House is located and why doesn’t she report for work?

She got away with a brand new vehicle which belongs to Parliament and nothing happened to her?  Really. She got away with the name MDC T and brought confusion to less than 30 000 people who voted for her?? She enjoys comedy and the public will judge her in future !

What a heartless woman, she can do anything so that she can smile all the way to the bank.

Prices are skyrocketing, Thoko will never respond?

Tobacco farmers are getting bond money whilst Zim Government is selling tobacco in USD, Thokozani is silent?

The unemployment rate has reached 98.6%, Thokozani is more worried about Harvest House??.

No drugs in Hospitals , Khupe wants to be at Harvest House?

Zimbabwe has run out of fuel, and we are experiencing hardships, Khupe wants Harvest House keys…

She wants to gain entry into the building.

Don’t forget she hasn’t paid for the Parliamentary vehicle, and ask yourself why?

As we approach the elective congress it is the duty of the delegates to do a diligent exercise by electing a sound leadership which is both loyal and academically sound.

You can’t believe that this was a Deputy President to the late Icon Morgan Tsvangirai. To her make ups and outfits are more important than 4/5 million Zimbabweans surviving under the Datum Poverty Line !!!

Who cares ? That’s Thokozani Khupe for you who can easily get away with anything, after conniving with courts and the system!

Recently she was touring Chimanimani and Chipinge, with other bunch of losers purporting to be having dialogue. Thokozani whats wrong with you? Are you okay upstairs?

So sad can’t believe this !

— Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is studying Doctor of Philosophy at Women’s University of Africa and he can be contacted at

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