Understanding How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work


Progressive jackpot video slots are amongst the highest paying games and are truly incredible. Because of their staggering payouts, they are also amongst the most popular of casino games to play. Here you will learn how to play progressive slots work so that you know how and which to choose in order to stand a chance of unlocking the jackpot prize after the spin of the reels.

Why They Payout So Much 

In order to understand why progressive jackpot slots payout so much, you need to understand which is which. A progressive video slot doesn’t offer a set jackpot amount, the jackpot is continuously increasing. A small percentage form each deposit made is deposited directly into the jackpot prize pool.

The jackpot prize is usually so large because it is linked to other slots prizes also. There are 3 kinds of jackpot progressives:

  • Wide Area Progressives
  • Stand Alone Progressives
  • In-House (Propriety) Progressives

A stand-alone progressive is not linked to any other progressive video slots game and the jackpot prize is usually a fixed amount. These are common in land based casino establishments. A wide area progressive is more popular online and the jackpot prize is linked to one or several other video slots which all share a jackpot prize. In-house progressives, similar to wide area progressives, share a jackpot with several other video slots machines but they are owned and operated by the casino.

As you can see, the wide area progressives are usually preferred to others as they offer the biggest rewards which could range into the millions.

How They Payout

While progressive slots are popular, they aren’t for everyone. Despite being riveting, progressives can be money draining. They require patience as they don’t pay out as frequently as regular slots, which in turn means you will need a higher bankroll, to begin with.

Progressive video slots come in a wide variety of themes and the most popular ones, like Mega Moolah, have been known to payout millions quadruple times so there is every opportunity for you to unlock the jackpot prize.

Betting maximum is your meal ticket to the jackpot prize. This allows for higher wins when a winning combination is landed. This is another reason why they require so much money. After each deposit has been made, the coins are fed into the jackpot prize which is why you often see the amounts skyrocketing as you play them.

Now that you know how progressive video slots payout and why they payout so much, you stand a better chance of winning if you have the patience and learn to manage your bankroll so that when you do hit a winning combination, you have bet maximum and the payout covers any loss made during gameplay. Professional players advise choosing one progressive video slots game and sticking to it rather than jumping from the one machine to the next so that you eventually unlock a winning spin. Be sure you choose a game that offers incredible bonuses and jackpot prizes for the ultimate payday.

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