5 Car Myths – Debunked!


So, you’ve heard this story from this guy telling you about all kinds of things you need to do to keep your car running at its peak efficiency. Some of it sounds reasonable, some it just sounds out right ridiculous, but there’s always that, “what if?” So what are you to believe? With the wealth of information surrounding us, it’s important we filter our the bad things and only keep the good stuff, the stuff that’s actually meaningful. Today, VIN decoding professionals from carVertical is sharing this list of 5 debunked car myths.

1) Warming your engine before you start driving.

So, you’ve just woken up and are running late to work. After going through the morning routine you jump into your car, while combing your hair, and you remember that guy telling you how important it is to warm up your car before taking off. Should you take the extra five minutes to do so? You’re already late, so will driving off one more time without warming up the engine really cause that much damage? Well, to calm that conundrum, we’re happy to say that’s a myth (unless you’re driving a pre-80s car). Back in the day it was true you needed to warm up your car as the systems in that period (specifically the carburetor) had issue adjusting to cold temperatures, but with modern fuel injections systems, this isn’t a problem. It’s safe to drive on a cold engine, just don’t floor it the first few miles. Drive on late person, drive on.

2) Dish washing detergent and laundry detergent make excellent car cleaners.

It’s time to give your baby a little TLC and you’ve decided the best way to do that is giving her a little bath. Unfortunately, you’re out of your usual car wash stuff, so what do you do? You remember that guy saying dish washing detergent or laundry detergent works just as well, in fact it works better. We’re here to say…no, no it does not. Using these products can actually strip off the wax finish off your car so we’d recommend avoiding those things and instead using your usual stuff.

3). Premium gas gets better gas milage.

It’s that time, the time to fill up and get a little go juice for your car, but that guy told you premium actually gives you better gas mileage. So what do you do? We’re happy to tell you this is not true. Unless your car specifically states it needs premium gas, you’re better off getting the usual.

4) If brake fluid is low, adding some more will make everything better.

Now, this one is a little more serious, and one where that guy is really really wrong. If you see your brake fluid is running low, it’s usually a sign of one of two things. Your brake pads are wearing down or there is a brake fluid leak. If you see the brake fluid is at or below the “low” mark, get it serviced immediately. Last thing you need is your brakes giving out on the highway in the middle of rush hour.

5) Jump starting will recharge the battery

So you just finished your afternoon shopping and you jump in the car, push your keys into the ignition and give a good turn. Then it happens, the dead battery stutters. Suddenly you realize you’re stuck in the middle of the grocery store parking lot with a carton of milk and dozen eggs sitting in the heat. Luckily, the neighborhood Samaritan is willing to give you a jump and has thus saved your precious cargo from an early spoiling. You recall that guy saying after a jump your car will recharge the battery. Well, we’ve got some bad news for you. That’s not true at all. With all the electrical components in your car taking precious power, it could take hours for your battery to recharge. The best thing to do is drive down your nearest auto center and replace it. It’ll save you a huge headache and is usually quick enough your milk and eggs will be safe from spoilage.

There you have it. 5 myths debunked and that guy is currently 0/5. We recommend avoiding his advice at all costs because who knows what else he could get wrong!

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