VAG!NAL STEAMING: Why you should not ‘cook’ your VAG!NA


IF there is one thing women are most concerned about it’s the vagi_na maintenance. Some will do anything to keep it tight and not watery, but unfortunately some things they do to the vagi_na are dangerous and bring trouble.

These days there is vagi_nal steaming craziness. But this is an age-old natural practice which has surged in popularity again. Vagi_na steaming involves exposing the vagi_na to steam to cleanse it and enhance its health. Other names for the practice include V-steaming or yoni steaming. The practice has become popular due to reports that it has a variety of benefits, ranging from relieving period discomfort to improving fertility. The question now, is it safe to cook the vagi_na?

Vagi_nal steaming is self explanatory, it is steaming the vagi_na the same way you would steam your face. It is said to be a natural remedy for cleaning the vagi_na, uterus and the entire reproductive tract. They also say it has power to deal with stress, depression, infections, infertility, hormone imbalances and period pain. These are mere claims because there is no scientific evidence to suggest that vagi_nal steaming helps any condition. There’s little chance herbal steam would penetrate vagi_nal tissues, let alone regulate hormones and improve fertility. The fact that the steam doesn’t even reach the uterus, negates these claims.

There’s no scientific research to prove whether vagi_nal steaming is safe. But your vagi_na isn’t meant to be steam-cleaned. An overheated vagi_na may provide the perfect environment for bacteria that cause yeast infections and other vagi_nal infections to thrive. It is no secret that the vagi_na skin is delicate, sensitive and easily traumatized. Using it as target practice for a plume of warm steam may cause vagi_nal burns or scalding. There are also a lot of dangers involved in vagi_nal steaming, especially burning very delicate tissues. The primary safety concern is that the steam could burn the sensitive vagi_nal tissues if it is too hot. Adding extra moist heat to the vagi_na and exposing the vagi_na to certain additives within the steam could also increase a woman’s risk for yeast or bacterial infections.

Vagi_nal steaming can be dangerous if a woman is preg_nant. This is because the vagi_nal steam could affect the growing foetus. It’s unknown how vagi_nal steam impacts your developing baby if you are preg_nant. Some herbs may cause miscarriage. So you should not use steam or herbs on your vagi_na if you are preg_nant.

Doctors generally recommend that preg_nant women avoid using hot tubs and heating pads around the pel_vis for the same reason.

If a person does try vagi_nal steaming, it is essential to avoid getting too close to the steam or using water that is too hot. If the steam feels uncomfortable or as if it is getting too hot, a person should move away from the steam.

Women who are trying to restore pH balance to their vagi_na due to frequent infections should see their doctor before they try vagi_nal steaming.

There are prescription treatments available to help restore pH balance. These are more likely to be effective than vagi_nal steaming. The vagi_na is a self-cleaning organ that regularly maintains pH balance. Additional interventions, such as vagi_nal steaming or douching, are not necessary to maintain vagi_nal health.

The vagi_na contains good bacteria, which is there to protect it. If these bacteria are disturbed, it can lead to infection such as thrush or inflammation. Steaming it can affect this healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels causing irritation. We have heard of some women complaining of itching down there after steaming. Some become drier and that makes one to be at more risk of cuts and discomfort.

Heating the vagi_na is not a good thing to do because it must be kept at its normal happy temperature of 37 degree celsius. If you warm-steam it, you are making a lovely hotbed for bacteria, causing yeast infections. The heat will also make it itch. Bear in mind that the vagi_na doesn’t need to be detoxed, it looks after itself. Steaming it cannot alter your hormones, but can temporarily reduce cramps in the same way a hot water bottle on your tummy does, warmth relaxes muscles, but it will not provide radical change.

Your vagi_na is a self-cleaning machine and doesn’t need help from a herbal steam session. It’s possible vagi_nal steaming may make you relax and ease cramping like a heating pad does, but evidence it cleanses your vagi_na or ute_rus, improves fertility and balances hormones is purely anecdotal. Keeping the vagi_na clean, dry and free of perfumes is the best way to keep the vagi_na healthy.


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