Highly intelligent and smart Nelson Chamisa shames all toxic politics promoters in Zimbabwe


NELSON Chamisa and the MDC Alliance demonstrated on Tuesday last week that they are capable of rising to the occasion when they don’t allow themselves to be misled by a few know-it-alls, among them Twitter lawyers and academics.

While his critics will chide Chamisa for some of the things that he said during his virtual address to his supporters, as is their right, he was on the money on three key issues — the need for opposition unity, non-violent politics and urgent national dialogue in the country.

And in articulating these matters so clearly and publicly once again, Chamisa shamed all the Smart Alecs who have been promoting toxic politics in the country, especially on social media  and also crassly attempting to sway him from seeking talks with Zanu PF and other key stakeholders, to help end Zimbabwe’s decades-long myriad crises.

To do justice to what Chamisa said on Tuesday, let’s quote him verbatim on some of the things that he enunciated on Tuesday.

“Unity, collective action and non-violence are our rallying cry and the catalyst for change in our nation.

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“The MDC Alliance will lead the formation of a broad church of citizen groups and democratic forces to confront the national question.

“When we demand accountability, speak with one voice and act collectively, we will become a formidable force for meaningful CHANGE in the lives of Zimbabweans,” Chamisa said.

“We have seen that no matter how many elections are held, if there is a legitimacy deficit the country will remain stuck in the doldrums.

“This is the reason why we continue to advocate for political reforms, chief of which are reforms to the electoral system.

“Indeed, this is the principal reason for our call for dialogue. It is not to find accommodation in this regime, but to play our part in designing an electoral path that would prevent the risks of illegitimacy that have dogged past elections,” Chamisa said further.

We at the Daily News can only say hear, hear!

We also hope that now that Chamisa has made his position on these critical issues abundantly clearly and directly, that this will discourage disinformation hyenas from misrepresenting him further — while also giving momentum to the national quests for inclusive dialogue.

We have bemoaned before how the windbags on both sides of Zimbabwe’s political divide continue to sow seeds of anarchy between and within the country’s two main political parties — a phenomenon that is sadly spreading into all spheres of society.

The result of all this is that everything in the country, including those that relate to the most inane of issues is given a political label and also looked at from a fatal “us” versus “them” perspective.

This extreme polarisation has made political tolerance and compromise impossible in the country in recent years — including the formal launch of much-needed national dialogue, even as politicians have continued to say that they are prepared to engage each other.

Regrettably too, as one would expect in this confusion, chaos mongers who are misadvising opposition leaders have targeted independent media such as the country’s most influential newspaper, the Daily News — which they view as an impediment to their dubious agendas.

These few nincompoops who seek cheap thrills and worthless social media likes and fame by aiming their guns at us, have gone on to make patently false and pitiable claims that our impartial approach to news means that we are “regime enablers”.

The good thing, though, is that lies always have short legs, and their egregious fabrications are already melting away faster than the fictional Wicked Witch of the West!

For the avoidance of doubt too in this regard, just in case any of these boneheads still don’t get our message, we at the Daily News firmly believe that our duty is to our country and our readers only, not to political parties and their leaders.

This is why we always, and will continue to “tell it like it is”, without any fear or favour, as our motto goes.

To that extent, the puny group of so-so academics, lawyers and pseudo journalists that thinks that it can cajole us to join their lost cause should stand guided that we will never be intimidated by them or yield to their dubious agendas.

— DailyNews

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