10 Post-pandemic Opportunities to Start Your Business in 2021


The fight against the coronavirus pandemic has turned the economies of many countries upside down. Some business people have already admitted that they will not be able to return to their field after quarantine. And those who manage to stay afloat will reconsider the methods, dynamics, and directions of their business development. At the same time, in the face of changes, there is a chance to make a breakthrough in new niches and see prospects that were not noticed before. The situation itself often prompts new solutions, even in traditional areas. Experts are already predicting success for those who will be able to navigate in time and straddle promising niches.

  • Selling Personal Expertise

Knowledge has become the new currency. Our life results, financial condition and even mood depend on how much we know. People want quality information from reputable and trusted sources. And you can become such a source. If there is at least one area in which you feel like a duck to water, you can already monetise it. Record an online course, launch webinars and live broadcasts, write books and produce expert articles.

  • Coworking Areas

Remote work was already gradually becoming a trend, and after quarantine, it will become a common scenario for many companies. Services, CRM systems, instant messengers and conference calls allow teams to communicate quickly. At the same time, employees do not waste time on the road — they choose a place of work according to their liking and mood.

Many people care about the variety of zones, the opportunity to drink coffee and socialise. And this means that more and more coworking spaces will be in demand, where you can situationally sit down with a small team, work alone or organise a workplace for yourself as an entrepreneur. Everything goes online, but you also need to work in this mode with comfort. You can arrange coworking by refurbishing a flat, residential or non-residential premises. At the same time, you can think of coworking perks. These can be a guest chef, a weekly Friday party, loyalty programs, and more.

  • Online Learning

The online education system is especially relevant now, where your knowledge can bring real benefits to people. Statistics show that many are tired of having a rest in quarantine. As practice shows, people mostly learn the peculiarities of Forex trading in South Africa to start trading with the help of Forextime services. You can use the example and launch your educational platform.

  • Posture Corrector

Sedentary, and sometimes semi-recumbent work at home, negatively affects the condition of the musculoskeletal system, and in particular the spine. Therefore, the niche of so-called mobile posture correctors is now actively developing. Most often, they look like a small device that is attached to the back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and at the slightest desire to slouch, it begins to vibrate. There are already ready-made devices that are waiting for new distributors around the world. Perhaps it makes sense to test the market first and then seriously take on your own development.

  • Setting up Sales Funnels

Marketing is becoming more flexible and efficient. Largely due to the introduction of such a construct as a sales funnel. Competent customer capture, a multi-stage communication system and effective sale of a service or product at the end — that is why the funnel method is appreciated. So now, sitting at home and having enough time, study marketing, understand the topic and try to launch something. First, on a free basis, to reinforce skill and gain experience in building funnels. If the process goes smoothly, you will find another stable and rapidly growing source of income.

  • Smart Clothing

Experts predict that the market of clothes with additional useful features will grow to $4 billion by 2024. This includes:

  • jackets that connect to the phone and, if necessary, can turn into heating pads;
  • T-shirts that measure body temperature and change colour;
  • smart backpacks with the ability to recharge phones and laptops, etc.

It is better if your engineering idea complements the imagination of a talented designer.

Home Delivery

You can deliver anything:

  • food,
  • exotic fruits,
  • medicines, etc.

Competent logistics, polite and responsible couriers, an intuitive ordering service interface — and success is in your pocket. A little later, perhaps, delivery by drones will become widespread. In the meantime, you can accumulate human resources and draw up a business plan for development.

  • Organisation of Online Events

While people are afraid to leave their homes, and even more so — they do not want to put themselves at risk by attending large-scale events, organising events online will serve as a business start. Here you can negotiate with museums, concert venues, lecture halls and even theatres. Spectators and visitors buy an entrance ticket to the chat room and watch, listen or chat on a topic of interest.

  • Rental of Suburban Real Estate

Even at the beginning of the quarantine, the number of requests for renting suburban real estate jumped sharply: many wanted to “sit out” the dangerous period outside the city, away from people. Now the number of requests is on a slight decline, but summer has come, and with it — the seasonal demand for summer cottages, houses, and other real estates outside the city. A new business after the coronavirus can be dedicated to renting out such real estate — if possible, make it a seasonal project.

  • Food Truck

World statistics say that the restaurant business is one of the riskiest. After all, 90% of restaurants close in the first year after opening. A sequence of crises this year will shake up the industry even more. However, the passion for cooking has not disappeared, and if you still dream of feeding people deliciously — there is a way out. It is a food truck or a mobile food outlet. For such a business, experts say, the failure rate has stopped at the level of 10-20%. And opening your own business in this niche is easier and less expensive than organising the same stationary coffee shop.

Business after Coronavirus: Things to Remember

The pandemic has changed the way people live. They have begun to buy more online, are afraid of crowded places and do many things on their own that they previously turned to specialists for. What business ideas will be in demand after the coronavirus:

  • e-commerce with delivery, courier services;
  • online training;
  • online consultations with parallel sale of goods;
  • online entertainment;
  • rental of suburban real estate.

If you want to revive a business that was closed during quarantine, work step by step.

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