‘Everyone now beginning to see similarities between Douglas Mwonzora and late Bishop Abel Muzorewa’

Late Bishop Abel Muzorewa and Douglas Mwonzora

Trees of the same height are the ones that exchange monkeys.

The political game is between Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mwonzora cannot match Nelson Chamisa in as far as political leadership is concerned. He has now been relegated to the unfashionable league of Linda Masarira, Egypt Dzinemunezva, Sekuru Tau just to mention a few.

Mr Mwonzora wanted power at all costs. When he could not grab it at the MDC-Alliance he did not throw the towel and did not let his ambitions vanish. He looked for the weakest link which happened to be Mama Thokozanu Khupe. When he finished with Khupe he started setting his guns on Chamisa.

Everyone is beginning to see similarities between the late Bishop Abel Muzorewa and Mr Douglas Mwonzora.

If people are asked to quote the political gurus in Zimbabwe surely they will not even mention the likes of Douglas Mwonzora.

Mr Mwonzora is a mèdia creation. He does not really exists in Zimbabwe political circles. He is very popular as today’s Tshombes or Muzorewas. He  always enjoys making a lot of noise through the radio but without any political base.

At this moment people do not expect Mr Mwonzora to be fighting for a name. He left the MDC-Alliance voluntarily. His efforts are just meant to frustrate Nelson Chamisa. What Mwonzora is failing to realise is that the person who is carrying the brand name Movement for Democratic Change is Nelson Chamisa who has remained strong  loyal and focused since he joined MDC.

Mwonzora is not inspiring at all.

Mwonzora is full of rancor, hate and bitterness. His politics of rational disputation and tolerance is a farce.

He is busy trying to subvert the people’s will and to destroy the opposition using the courts, but the people will show him the middle finger come the reckoning day of election.

Zanu PF wants to use him to wrestle Harare and other smaller towns and cities but that is not going to be a stroll in the park.

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