Popularity, Stats, and Revenue of Online Lotto and Lottery in Africa


Lotto games turned many players worldwide into millionaires, and it only took a single draw. The opportunity to win huge jackpots made the lottery popular in Africa, too. This guide will reveal all details on playing the lotto on this continent. You’ll reveal whether it’s legal to play and what the most popular lotteries in Africa are!

Is It Legal to Play Lottery in Africa?

The lottery legality depends on your location. Many countries in Africa consider lotto games legal. That means you can purchase tickets at your local vendor but also play lotto online. Buying tickets over the internet is better because more games are available. You can purchase slips for African but also international lotteries.

Can You Play Lottery Legally in Zimbabwe?

As for Zimbabwe, this country has a regulated gaming market. The government adopted the first Lotteries and Gaming Act in 1998. The document has been adjusted multiple times, but the legality didn’t change. Lottery, sports betting, and online casinos are all legal in Zimbabwe.

The authorities put maximum effort into regulating the market. They have harsh fees, which is why not many operators receive a license.

Is Lottery Popular in Africa?

Lotto games are popular worldwide, and Africa is no exception.

Here are some astounding numbers for the world lottery market:

  • Lotteries from over 80 countries are members of the World Lottery Association. This organization covers more than 150 state and national games.
  • Only the members of WLA contributed $85.7 billion to good causes in 2019.
  • The world lottery market has noted steady growth in the last several years. The current CAGR is around 8%, and that growth rate is likely to continue.

It’s hard to get an accurate estimation of the African lottery market. According to the World Lottery Association, its members generated $312.4 billion combined in 2019. The same report indicates that Africa only contributed about 1% to that revenue. That puts the lottery market value of this continent at around $3.12 billion.

The actual market size is much higher because lotteries from only 13 African countries are members of the WLA.  Algeria and Ethiopia are only some examples of countries whose lotteries don’t belong to this organization. Although there’s no accurate info for the African lottery market, we believe its size is at least $10 billion.

What Are the Most Popular African Lotteries?

You’ll find dozens of national and state lotteries throughout Africa. Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Mozambique, South Africa, and Morocco are among countries that have a national lotto. Check out the most popular games currently available on this continent!

South Africa Powerball

This is the South African version of the popular Powerball lottery. It offers a two-drum matrix and is the most popular lotto in Africa. The first pot contains 50 balls, and the second is a Powerball pot with numbers from 1 to 20. You will need to guess all numbers on your ticket for the grand prize.

SA Powerball offers a guaranteed fund for the jackpot. It starts at ZAR5,000,000 (€300K), but it has a rollover feature. They transfer the amount to the next round if no one wins the prize. That’s why the jackpot can reach huge sums. The biggest one won so far was ZAR232,000,000 (€14.5 million).

Lotto Nigeria

This is a fairly new game that players worldwide can play online. Lotto Nigeria has all the necessary certificates and uses a random number generator for the draws.

The guaranteed jackpot sum is impressive and stands at NGN383,500,000 (€788.8K). If no one wins it, the sum transfers to the next round. That gives you a chance to earn life-changing prizes. The website offers a simple registration process. That attracts Nigerian players, but also those beyond this country’s borders.

What Are the Most Popular International Lotteries in Africa?

A large number of African players participate in international lotteries. It’s similar to football – most players bet on foreign leagues and follow the latest live results.

Here are the favorite lotteries of African players:

  • US Powerball. It’s the lottery that offers the biggest jackpots in the world. The odds might be unfavorable, but the prizes are tempting.
  • EuroJackpot. This is a European lottery that offers a guaranteed jackpot. The two-drum matrix makes each draw attractive.
  • Australian Powerball. This is the Aussie version of the popular Powerball game. The prizes aren’t as tempting as in the UK variation, but they are still better than at most African lotteries.
  • Spanish El Gordo. This lottery is famous for having the largest prize fund in the entire world. The trick is that there is only a single draw yearly, and it happens around Christmas.

Final Thoughts

The African lottery market increases its value every year. More countries make lotto games legal, and more players can access online vendors. The opportunity to play worldwide lotteries attracts users to purchase tickets on the internet. The experts believe the African lottery market will continue its growth trend in years to come.

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