Does virgin!ty still matter in modern world?

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CONDUCT virgi_nity tests on women aged 18 to 30 in Zimbabwe and the likelihood is that only a small percentage have never had se_x.

Why is it so?

The answer is simple and obvious — modernity has eroded the religious and cultural importance of chastity and keeping yourself “pure” for your husband.

But this is a viewpoint seemingly promoted by women. What do men say about virgi_nity?

B-Metro went to the streets to find out what the so-called stronger vessels think.

“se_x is regarded as a taboo to people who are not married, it is a practice of the married and it is a way of celebrating love and baby making, the youths should not practice se_xual intercourse because it is regarded as a sin in the Bible and it leads to se_xually-transmitted infections (STIs) and Human Immuno deficiency Virus (HIV) and also unwanted preg_nancies,” said Father Alex Ndlovu from the Roman Catholic Church in Makokoba.

Leeroy Spencer a student at Lupane State University (21) shared similar sentiments with Ndlovu.

“Virgi_nity should be kept because it is a way of showing self-respect. Girls should only keep it for their husbands.

Girls who are not virgi_ns are basically taken as girls with loose characters so it is important for everyone to keep their virgi_nity especially the youths. Se_x is only a practice of the married,” said Spencer.

Other residents pointed out that the loss of virgi_nity before marriage is the reason why a lot of people divorce.

Lucky Machokoto, told B-Metro that: “God dwells where it is pure and he brings peace where there is purity, therefore, it is important for everyone to be pure before Christ especially if they are not married.

There is more associated with se_xual activities and losing virgi_nity, there is spiritual exchange which should only occur between married people and once one has had se_xual experience before marriage it means that he or she has exchanged spirits with a number of people, this will result in him or her not having a lasting marriage. This is the other reason why the majority end up divorcing. Virgi_nity should be preserved.”

For some virgi_nity is important as it is not the only key to a happy and a healthy marriage.

“Virgi_nity does not matter at all, in fact it is not the key to a happy marriage so it is optional for one to either keep it or get rid of it, people should not be judged and be measured using virgi_nity,” said one resident who preferred anonymity.

Research indicates that long back, in African societies, virgi_nity was something to be really proud of. Paternal aunts were responsible for giving chastity talks to girls from a young age.

If a girl lost her virgi_nity before marriage there would be serious consequences. Some of the repercussions for the loss of virgi_nity before marriage, included girls having to face social rejection, removal from the family if not physical punishment.

Although some Africans are still particular about girls being virgins until marriage, the concept seems to be wearing away due to western beliefs which have penetrated the African societies.

Greater female emancipation has put se_xual choices firmly in the hands of women themselves. In countries like US, Canada, Australia, Scandinavian and other West European regions, women have the freedom to have se_x when and with whom they want. In those countries the notion of virgi_nity as supreme virtue of a bride is thus no longer relevant and even men do not expect their marital partners to be virgi_ns.

In fact, in many of those societies, a girl or guy who remains a virgi_n till a certain age is seen as somewhat of an oddity, perhaps as a person with some se_xual or personal issues which have prevented him or her from engaging in something as normal as se_x.

While most Africans are now engaging in se_x at an early age, the effects of premarital se_x, which often result in se_xually transmitted diseases and teenage preg_nancies seem to bring virgi_nity back into focus. Community leaders are insisting that preserving virgi_nity until marriage is one of the ways to prevent the spread of Aids and teen preg_nancies.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, whether to indulge or not to indulge in se_xual intercourse.

– BMetro

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