‘Mapfumo should be given the honour of spending his remaining days in prison for his sellout acts’


One of the bitter experiences in life is being betrayed. Betrayal is serious because it destroys trust, and without trust there can be no relationships.

That is the feeling many Zimbabweans now have after Thomas Mapfumo retraced his foot steps of betrayal.

Without trust, society, families, institutions and most certainly a nation cannot function properly. Betrayal shakes a person to his core because it ruptures his ability to trust. Thomas Mapfumo has gone back to his ways.

Many people believed that Thomas Mapfumo was a freedom fighter. He fought for his own freedom, not for the nation. He did what he did for money and where ever there is money, there you find Thomas Mapfumo.

Thomas Mapfumo was a sellout during the liberation struggle. He did the infamous Butsu Mutandarikwa song that was used by the Rhodesian airforce as they bombed masses.

A war veteran and a retired General of the Zimbabwe National Army said:

“This is an incisive analysis pregnant with education?. I continue to be better when I consume such quality knowledge. “As an elite ZDF officer would love to say in military parlance: “You have vertically enveloped the target with devastating pin point accuracy and all what is left is to conduct mop-up operations.

“I totally agree with you my dear brother and Cde in arms. That decision to bestow honour and recognition on a political neophyte and sellout in the likes of Thomas Mapfumo is a monstrously preposterous mistake which we will forever be shameful of.

“Those of us who endured the ghastly experience of the helicopter gunships (Kcars) blasting loudly his songs whilst emptying 20mm browning machine guns on us, will surely not forget and forgive Mapfumo.”

Mapfumo sang for his supper as the liberation war fighters gushed blood from the wounds created by the blazing guns from the helicopters, Mapfumo was drowning in red wine being congratulated for his song which blared in the killing machines.

To show that Mapfumo was consciously acting against the people of Zimbabwe, he chose to perform for Abel Muzorewa while others performed for Zapu and Zanu during independendence election campaigns. His name was associated with Muzorewa’s UANC and he always never liked the freedom fighters.

Cde Pupurai Togarepi, the Zanu PF chief whip in Parliament said: “He has always been a traitor Akanoridza ku Bulawayo pa rally yaMuzorewa nguva yaitwa campaign in 1980. “This shows how he easily lose it whenever there is money. “Muzorewa was already known in the revolutionary circles as a rebel to the revolutionary cause. How could Mapfumo choose his rally of all the places during the final push for freedom? “He may have been an infiltrator all along. No wonder why he can’t discern where the fight for Zimbabwe is going.”

But what causes people to betray the trust that has been placed in them? Mapfumo had the opportunity to take the fight for the people’s liberation further, but he chose to pull it down. Mapfumo suffers from an excessive ambition, greed, lust and passion. He has failed to control these vices and has been liable to betrayal. It is like a drug addict who will betray the trust placed on him because his addiction is overpowering.

Thomas Mapfumo has exhibited the negative power than any sense of loyalty, integrity or honesty he may have. He has shown a need to be wealthy and lead a luxurious life, this has caused him to steal, embezzle or misuse information given to him in confidence and that’s why he left Zimbabwe. He has chosen to betray his country and is seeking to create a profile by demonising the country he has been betraying since he was young. Overpowering financial attraction also causes a person to betray his beliefs, his country and his people.

Thomas Mapfumo feels that betrayal is necessary to achieve a greater good. In his warped mind, Thomas Mapfumo is seriously under the wrong belief that betrayal in this instance is not evil, but a holy act. Mapfumo feels that in order to save Zimbabwe, it’s ok to betray it. Never in a single minute has Mapfumo denounced illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by some Western countries. He is fully aware of the effects of sanctions on our economy, but he never composed even a paragraph denouncing them.

Mapfumo finds it comfortable to denounce the victims of unfairness than to denounce the bullies.
It is sad that Mapfumo thinks that he is smart. People always want to prove how smart they are by betraying their country.

He likes to play with other people’s minds, manipulate lives just to stir up trouble.
Thomas Mapfumo’s betrayal is terrible because it causes the person who has been betrayed to question his ability to trust again and it also causes them to question their own judgement. It destroys their confidence in themselves.

Let no one of us ever lose our confidence or our ability to trust others because of some people like Thomas Mapfumo. We must remain resolute in trusting our government and our country. Let’s hope and pray that there will always be those because of whom we will be able to maintain our trust in mankind.

When we commit ourselves to someone, we believe that our feelings will remain the same for the coming time. But it seldom happens. As time passes, the hormones responsible for love take a plunge and we feel that something is missing from life.

But most people try to avoid confrontation and they go on putting a mask of their former self. As a result, we start looking for an escape route to vent out our tamed self. And then we meet someone who rekindles the same spark which had gone missing. Now, we are torn between listening to our hearts and avoiding pain to our country.

This is where empathy comes into play. Out of the short term concern of not hurting the nation, we go on having an illicit relationship with those who are sworn to destroying our sovereignty. But finally, when the story of Mapfumo’s betrayal is revealed, it will cause more harm and ruckus than it would have done earlier.

Mapfumo took the goodness he received after independence to be a weakness. He never repented from his wayward behaviour. He started a fight with Robert Mugabe, but he was not questioned. He thought that this meant that he was invincible and untouchable.

Zimbabweans who loved Mapfumo with all their hearts are in a quagmire. But instead of asking why, they have accepted the fact that things are no longer the same and no matter what they do, it will never be the same again. Mapfumo has gone back to his sellout times. The sooner his fans realise that it’s time to move on, the better.

Many people have sold out and some do it for love, some do it for money or politics. These people sold out their countries, their comrades and even their own families, changing the course of history forever.

Thomas Mapfumo joins the list of 10 sellouts in the world. Mapfumo is more of a sellout than Moise Tshombe and Mobutu Sese Seko, both of the DRC.

History tells us about Guy Fawkes who was part of a revolutionary group of Roman Catholics, who plotted to blow up most of England’s aristocracy in 1605. The infamous Gunpowder plot was foiled by authorities who caught Fawkes before he could carry out his murderous intentions.

He was apprehended due to his attire of cloak, boots and spurs, a suspicious costume designed to ensure a quick getaway.

Fawkes and his colleagues worked hard at their plot, using a cellar under The House of Lords as their base, and hiding over 1 800 pounds of explosives in the small space.

Fawkes and his co-conspirators wished to loosen the influence of the Spanish kingdom on British affairs, feeling that they drained resources from England.

Guy Fawkes believed in his ideals, and he didn’t break, even under torture, refusing to name his comrades until he was sure they had already confessed.He was a man with integrity. To this day, the rebellious acts of Guy Fawkes are legendary, and the English have a special event each year, the Bonfire Night, every 5th of November. It celebrates the failure of his notorious plot and his bravery under pressure.

This is clearly what Mapfumo is made of. His behaviour is also like that of an American traitor called Hanssen. In 1979, Hanssen became involved with FBI counter-intelligence, and this paved the way for some of the most treasonous acts in American history. In 1983, Hanssen transferred to the Soviet espionage unit within the FBI. Using his vast knowledge of computers, wiretapping, and electronic surveillance, he went on to sell lists of FBI double agents and other moles to KGB agents for large sums of money.

Hanssen was turned in to the FBI by his own brother-in-law, Mike Hauck: he is currently serving a life sentence, in solitary confinement, at ADX Florence, a supermax facility in Colorado.In America traitors are in prison for life. Mapfumo should be given the honour of spending his remaining days in prison for his sellout acts. Another traitor was Jane Fonda. Jane became a passionate activist, involving herself in causes that were controversial and, in the eyes of many American veterans of the Vietnam War (including Jon McCain) highly treasonous. “Hanoi” Jane sympathized with the North Vietnamese, posing with their anti-aircraft guns, and “questioning” American POW’s (through her comrades, the North Vietnamese) about the “benevolent” treatment they were receiving from their captors.

The soldiers tried to explain to Fonda that they were in fact being ill treated, and sometimes tortured, but she didn’t believe it. Some soldiers claimed they withstood more torture and suffering because they would not speak to Jane and parrot the viewpoint that their captors were kind and peaceful.

Many veterans tried to bring Jane Fonda up on charges of treason after the war, but, as some rich and famous people tend to do, she managed to escape any real punishment for her role in supporting the enemy during the Vietnamese conflict. She says she now regrets her acts, but veterans of that conflict have yet forgiven “Hanoi Jane” for her easy embrace of the enemy.

Jane’s case resonates with Mapfumo. Mapfumo did not face any jail for his part against the freedom fighting. Mapfumo is like Brutus who betrayed his uncle Julius Caesar. Mapfumo was made famous by the country he is now betraying, so was Brutus.

Brutus committed suicide after losing the Second Battle of Philippi in 42 B.C. We can again put Mapfumo at par with the greatest traitor in Chinese history, Wang Jingwei. When Nanjing fell to the Japanese in 1937, Wang began his traitorous dealings with the Japanese government, earning his place in history.

He supported Japan’s plans for an armistice in a notorious telegram that led to his expulsion from the Chongqing government. When China was in crisis and needed him most, Wang took pains to ally with the Japanese and go along with the invaders. He died before he could witness the defeat of the Japanese by Allied forces in WWII. Unlike Wang Mapfumo is still alive and has more opportunities to abandon his behaviour.

Benedict Arnold was an American general who served the cause of the American Revolution until he decided to shift his allegiance to the British.

His plot was unsuccessful and he was driven to escape by sea, under cover of darkness, to Britain, where he was not welcomed with open arms. They, too, distrusted the man who could betray his own country so readily. He died in poverty in Canada in 1801.

Mapfumo must learn from these traitors who betrayed their own. There is no peace for traitors and Mapfumo’s betrayal has embarrassed us as a country.

According to the Bible, Satan “entered Judas” before he betrayed Jesus Christ to Roman authorities. This infamous member of the Twelve Apostles betrayed his friend for money – thirty pieces of silver. Judas arranged a special signal to let the authorities know the identity of Jesus Christ: he would kiss Jesus to identify him.

This “Judas kiss” led to the prosecution and death by crucifixion of the Son of God, and puts Judas Iscariot at number one as the most notorious traitor in human history. Judas died shortly after his monumental act of greed.

To the Judas of Zimbabwe Thomas Mapfumo, shame on you.

– Masimba Mavaza/Herald

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