If you notice one of these things in your wife, it definitely means she is cheating on you


People cheat for different reasons. The general consensus is that it’s wrong. If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know that it feels pretty awful. It’s a blow to your ego and your self-esteem.

If your wife or girlfriend starts cheating on you, there are certain things she will be doing and that’s what we will be shedding light on in this article. If you notice one of these things in your woman, it definitely means she is cheating on you.

Below are 3 signs that your woman is cheating on you;

1. Constantly Asking About Your Schedule

Most women inquire about their man’s daily itinerary to plan for surprises, prepare supper on time or go on dates. But if she suddenly takes too much interest in her man’s schedule, and wants to know exactly when he leaves and comes back home, she might be planning to have the other guy over for a visit.

2. She Has Lost Interest In R0mance

No matter how good the lovemaking was, she will lose interest if she is dating another man. She will begin to act so cold and distant lately; finding excuses not to have intimate time with you.

3. She Is Always Lost In Thought

Women are known to be attentive creatures and great listeners. They sacrifice a lot in relationships but if she barely pays attention to what their man is saying, that means something or someone else is playing on their minds.

In fact, sometimes she may be totally lost in thought and may even lose touch with reality. If she is cheating, she will also probably think of ways to break up and hence, may appear distracted.

– Mcebisco

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