The future of the business – on what to bet in the next decades


Video content

The video production market has changed and continues to change: there are increasing requests for UGC content (custom content. Includes everything that people write and shoot about products and brands), animated videos are gaining popularity. Video content attracts more attention than others, it is the most effective way to convey the main idea to the audience. Video is material that can be distributed on any advertising platform, in any quantity, and to any audience. Today, there is a trend towards silent videos and interactive videos with embroidered links to companies’ products or websites.

Video content is the future and you should know about it. If you check the biggest soc. Platforms – they are all related to video content. The latest trend is Tik Tok and YouTube. Both are related to video content production and consumption which leads to serious note – new alarming trends. You can buy TikTok likes for the videos to get better results for the business because the trend is to have funny, short and interesting video ads. A popular trend is a commercial with bloggers or popular opinion leaders. It is not necessary to pour the budget on top bloggers with a multimillion-dollar audience. By attracting micro-influencers, you will definitely get into the requests of the target audience, and the effect of the campaign will exceed expectations.

Social networks

In this environment, the process of acquainting the customer with the product is transferred to mobile platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and WhatsApp.

Interactive mobile platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have many creative features (Instant Experiences, Stories, Carousel Ads and Messenger) and these are just a few. With their help, you can create effective stories, develop useful content that will help the buyer to assess the benefits of the product or service.

Therefore, any company, brand is simply obliged to maintain a page in social networks. In order for a business account to always be in trend, it is necessary to update the useful content of the page, monitor the involvement of subscribers and build an active dialogue with potential customers.

It is possible to form a target audience and increase the coverage of subscribers through competitions. The classic version of the competition is a draw. As a prize fund, you can offer sets of branded products, thus maintaining interest in the brand. The optimal duration of competitions is 5-10 days, and this is a good method to quickly increase the number of subscribers.

Shoppable posts

Shoppable – media content with the ability to purchase. The tool combines online shopping and content. Shoppable integrates content into: article, video, photo or post on social networks. It reduces the number of steps from “seen” to “bought”, saves conversions and does not cause irritation, unlike direct advertising. For example, advertising catalogs and bows use shoppable photos: the customer browses the catalog, clicks on the detail of the photo that he liked and can immediately read all the necessary information about the product.

In social networks, you can run shoppable social media: a post with the ability to purchase. In this case, the user is sent active links to all products from the selected post.

The Future of Advertising in Computer Games and TikTok

The gaming sphere and TikTok are becoming a promising niche for promotion. This segment is interesting both for integration into the videos and games, and for interaction with bloggers. The TikTok platform is growing, but is already considered promising: simple content, high reach of young audiences, affordable integration costs. TikTok advertises L’Oreal, a women’s and men’s clothing brand Guess, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Nestle.

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